Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend shopping

- At my bf's at 3:30
- We chit chat, my mom calls and I talk to her for about 30 minutes about her new assignment at school, he faxes papers to someone
- Go to Sams Club for their open weekend where if you don't have a membership you can still shop there. Wait in line for approval to go in... there really has to be a better process... then when you get to the register the cashier has to call the customer service desk to get approval to check you out?
- Get some alcohol, fridge filters, etc.
- Dinner at Olive Garden where we both polished off a bottle of Riesling, soup, breadsticks, and ravioli for me
- Back to his house where we started to watch Willy Wanka, but I fell asleep
- Bed about 10:30

- Up at 6am- Mike had put his arms around me and was horny I could tell, a flip, and we played around some
- Shower
- Breakfast protein bar for breakfast... it lasted me until about 11am... not super filling... boo... must find breakfast food outside of McDonalds that will last me from when I eat breakfast at 6am and hold me until 11-12
- He mows the lawn and I fell asleep on the couch until 9am
- He cleans up and I say I want to go to a teacher store
- I drive
- Teacher store is packed and he looks around bringing me lots of things I should buy because of a certain theme this stuff has... hehehe
- Didn't have the 2 posters I wanted
- He told me how surprised he was at how ridiculously priced so much of this stuff was and I told him that's how it was
- Go to Panera for lunch and iPad time
- Go to Kohls in the next city over and see it was packed
- Look at watches and then stumble to the dress shirts where they were $8.40 a piece on clearance. He found me a couple shirts and ties for work, which I really liked since they are not ones I'd normally wear (HELLO PREPPY PLAID)
- Also find white shoes
- Go back to his house where we watch TV
- Go out for dinner at King's Fish House and he pays since he realized I had been using my credit card for everything since I have no money in my checking account
- go into Borders and run into a teacher I used to work with and a good friend of my family, so we chat for about 30+ minutes. Mike gets bored of walking around and kept coming over to check up on me. He realized all teachers like to talk and tell stories... lol
- Back to Mike's and he has to pack for his next several business trips
- Bed about 10:30
- Lots of tickling and poking

- Up at 5am
- He is out of the house at 5:45am
- Hug, kiss, and say goodbyes
- I fall back asleep until 8:40, so I missed his texts he sent to me about narrowly making it through security etc.
- Clean up around the house before coming home

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Willy "Wanka" -- that's a freudian slip for sex on the mind. Willy Wonka would not be pleased his chocolate factory is used for naughty deeds. ;-)