Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New coworkers

I have an interesting group of new coworkers
- The queeny gay guy, who is just that, and announced to all of us new teachers he was gay and he would offend
- The Asian gay guy who flirts with queeny gay guy
- There is one gal, a new teacher, whom I think I will be good friends with. She was today talking about her "significant other." I noticed hesitancy, and I think she is a lesbian, and was looking for a PC way to say her girlfriend. At this point at lunch I was texting my BF and brought him up, but said my "closest bestie," but also I am not coming out of the closet that easy yet until I know and am able to figure everyone out. Eeeeeee. So what would be a good name for my BF around my coworkers? LOL. Partner gives it away. Boyfriend gives it away. Significant other is taken. My boy and man gives it away.

I'm also conflicted because my BF says to be out and use that to my advantage if I were to be fired/let go due to budget cuts etc I can blame it on sexual discrimination. I like the idea, but that seems to be irrelevant in how teachers are let go- I'm sure it could be a factor.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Just use the oldie but goody term "roommate" until you are ready to come out. It's worked countless times for others.

JustAMike said...

Mike - I live in Canada so my situation is not the same as yours from a legal standpoint but when I came out I made sure my boss knew for the very fact that he then had a legal obligation to provide me with a discrimination-free, safe workplace and couldn't say "I didn't know" if something ever happened. Best of luck!

Aek said...

Well, among your new coworkers are 2 gay guys and a (likely) lesbian. I don't think you'd have to worry too much about coming out. Besides, if queeny gay guy is going to be all out there and whatnot, you'll look quite tame compared to him, LOL.

Anonymous said...