Saturday, September 17, 2011

Media Update

Since it has been MONTHS since I have told you all about LA news... I haven't been watching as much since I'm with Mike... lol

- New hunky anchor Rob Schmitt is their weekend guy from Florida
- Sandra Mitchell from the afternoon news on KCAL has breast cancer and is blogging about the experience. Always liked her. Best of luck to her through this fight!

- Sean Murphy needs to go ASAP. Still can't stand his no suit jacket look and no personality.
- Byron Miranda is back and is entertaining, very professional, he should replace Elita in the morning
- Lucy Noland, their new anchor from Texas is now anchoring at 12 and 6pm
- KNBC brought back their midday newscast at 12

- Wendy Burch, Wendy all about me Birch is now the host of the KTLA Morning News weekend... joy
- Their weekend morning news, as does their morning news, seems to lack content

- Lisa Hernandez is on her way to Texas and no longer can my dad say John Gregory and she look like brother and sister
- Indra Petersons is still gone... good... Jennifer Robbins is doing weekend morning weather and is much better in my opinion than Indra
- KABC also just hired a new behind the scenes blond weather girl from Texas whose name I can't remember

- KTLA has a new 5pm news show that is not your dad's 5pm news... this is Good Day LA meets TMZ and is horrid with Liz Habib, Jeff Michael, Lisa Breckenridge, and Ed Laskos... hard to watch

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