Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost a week with him

- Spent the night at Mike's- my justification was the early teacher's meeting
- We spent time in his office before getting ready
- We went on a drive for dinner. We were going to try Christophe's in Upland, but then ended up at some buffet after seeing how nothing sounded good. The steakhouse we like was a possibility. I mentioned Mexican. He was craving Chinese, so a semi-Chinese buffet worked. My mom and Linda frequent this buffet- it is over in their neck of the woods... It was alright... nothing spectacular... and as Mike declared it has filled his buffet needs for the next 3 years
- Stop at Lowes, JCPenney, and Sears Grand looking for lamps. JCPenney had 2 on clearance for $15
- Back to his place where we watch TV, then play around trying some new positions

- Up at 6:30, shower
- 3:50pm I'm ready to leave work when Blondie asked if I could drive her home as she was sick. I did. We went to her house and had a "date" where her mom in law cooked for us. Tough night hearing why she was sick. We were laughing and planning our gay dates (we are going out as couples soon- Mike and myself, her gf and herself)
- Back home for a few minutes about 8pm to get clothes and break it to my parents I'm leaving for the night
- Mike calls asking if I could get cookies. I hear cooking on the phone, then I hear chocolate chips. I didn't know he said no chocolate chips. Dang AT&T. He was a little disappointed I got chocolate chips.
- Bed about 10:30ish

- Up at 6:30
- Ready 2 leave work at 3:30 when Blondie asks if I wanted to go to Happy Hour. I text Mike and he said he had work to do, to go ahead. I asked him a couple times if he were sure and how he should come along. He said nah.
- Left Happy Hour at 7
- Get to Mike's and go to get food. Do dinner at Mimi's Cafe where I had salmon
- CHit chat about Happy Hour and what I learned about work
- Stop at Fresh & Easy where they had such a poor selection on stuff we needed

- Up at 9 or so
- Shower
- Go to a place by the casino for breakfast at divey/steak place
- Go get the car washed and it takes forever, but the car was definitely Armor Alled when we were done... lubed
- Home to make chili for the party
- Watch TV between 2 and 5
- Pack a bag for the night and we head out to the Youtube Party
- I submitted 1 of the youtube videos i mentioned last week
- The party was a bunch of teachers of his friend M and A, and Disney freaks
- Jeff and Brian, his other friends from cruising were there, and we mostly chatted with them
- Mike and I sat bored watching awful drag queen youtube videos
- J & B invited us to their house to stay the night, so we went
- Lots of talking about school and our relationship
- B is also a teacher
- We chat until 1:30am or so, so a good 90 minutes
- Mike tickles me nonstop in bed

- Woke up about 8:30
- Showered
- Sat out on the patio talking about cruises, coffee, friends, and school, talking about being cheap, hearing their stories about frugalness
- Mike drove to a Chinese place that he vetoed after seeing the buffet as it was mostly meat and didn't look great
- Go to Don Jose that had a nice champagne brunch and our drinks were always full... mine was refilled 7 or 8 times and the joke became about how normal I seemed... Brian asked if I was always this normal when under the influence... Mike said no and had some far fetched story about my drunkenness and I just said I get really touchy. I walked just fine to the bathroom
- GREAT CONVOS about vacations and we're going to be vacationing in the same place after New Years, so hopefully we meet up. I REALLY enjoyed them- this was my 2nd time meeting them
- Stop at Banana Republic in Chino on the way home... Mike didn't get Chino... also visited Nordstrom RacK
- Nap on the couch when we get home
- Dinner at a pizza place down the street from the casino that was super disappointing- tons of cheese and no flavor- another disappointment on our list. I drove and paid.
- Back to his place where we fell asleep on the couch watching some On Demand movie he rented with Anne Hathaway and Goldie Hawn's daughter, Hudson, what's her name, the one where 2 girls are best firends and getting married on the same day
- Made our way to the bedroom about 1:30

- Up about 8:30
- Showered and watched morning news
- He made eggs over easy and toast
- Watch TV on the couch until 1:30 when we decide to go to Palm Springs
- Go to our favorite seafood place, but then decided to see what was out there. 2 other happy hours didn't start until 5:30 and Palm Desert was mostly dead, so we ended up in a Mexican place that is always super busy, but wasn't super busy.
- Had a 3 1/2 shot margarita that had us both tipsy and him too far gone to drive, so we had to walk around to kill the buzz
- We had a quesadilla there too that was pretty ok
- Stop at Kohls where he buys pants and ties
- Get back to his place about 7 and head home... home at 7:30... tell family about adventures... blogging now... preparing for my week

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fan of casey said...

Mike: All that shopping but no new shoes?