Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LA Foodie Weekend


- Met up at Mike's
- Brought in lots of gifts for him that were on his porch like his new toaster that was $150... it has an automatic button... so nifty
- We went to dinner at Loosille's BBQ where we had tacos, fried green tomatoes, and a margarita
- Walked around the mall, then off to HomeDepot for water purifier for him to install at the sink, plus cord to run it to ice makker
- Bed

- Up at 6:30 for work
- Dentist at 5:30, so go to Mike's from 3-5
- Dinner after with my former boss and mentor, who I was SOOOOOOO thrilled to see... LOVE MRS. C
- Planned to go home, and did, but a pipe broke in the bathroom that resulted in the bathroom being flooded Wed. night, and no water, so he told me to go to my boyfriend's if I wanted a shower
- Head back to Mike's at wish
- Bed about 10:30 ish

- Up at 6:30
- Lipstick Lesbian and I go to lunch where I come out to her, we chat, we talk about our significant others, and we get the dirt on what's going on, but also plan... business lunches are sooooooo productive... LOVE HER!
- After work we went to a ritzy restaurant overlooking the city where we thought we would try their happy hour, but their happy hour was only limited to the bar and we had to pay the valet we found out
- Planned to go there, then an upscale French restaurant
- The reservation paper for the French restaurant was rattling in the door my BF thought, and it drove him crazy, but it wasn't
- Restaurant overlooking city was alright- overpriced- but we would go back for the view- food was ok
- Not super hungry, so decide on Korean BBQ for dinner
- I had some Korean sushi and soup thingy
- I had some Korean water that my Korean student is always drinking in class with a marble in the glass and I never knew that it was a glass bottle, so he held the bottle extra carefully, but also he didn't want the marble to make noise, so held the bottle so it wouldn't... had to tease him about that Monday morning, and of course I was cool with him for trying it. Thank you iPhone camera pics.

- Went to see Contaygion at the movies after at a new movie theater
- Went to Tarjay afterward where we bought polos for $6.98... love me some Tarjay clearance
- Bed about 11:30ish

- I woke up super early stressed about the changes at work, but let Mike sleep until 8:30
- Washed the convertible and I dried it as he washed
- Overcast out
- Planned to take convertible to LA, and did
- Started raining in Clayremont and so we crossed the dubl-yellow and exited the carpool ASAP to put the top up
- I got blamed for the bad wearer
- Drove to Younyun Station in LA

- Hopped on Metro to start our food weekend
- First was tacos at a well known LA taco place Bea and Arthur
- Margaritas at Cafe de G where we surfed on his iPad and looked at train travel
- Back on the Metro to next stop for tamales

- Back on Metro to Lil Tokee-o
- Lil Tokee-o was bigger than we thought, and an area we definitely need to explore... lots of eateries that aren't necessarily Azn, but a mix
- we had sangria there and hummus, that shows you
- Great happy hours there
- Lots of cruisy guys too in Lil Tokee-o
- Back on Metro and on a different line to go to Loz Feleez for pie at a well known pie place featured on the Travel Channel
- Butterscotch pie reminded me of marshmallows and butterscotch... good stuff

- Head back to Younyun Station for the car
- Private party going on at train station... pretty cool...
- Back to his place where we watched TV, but first stopped at WallyWorld for a few things, got a call from a friend who could help me with my class while there, didn't see any students... whew!
- BF enjoyed the day, and I planned it, he was just to sit back and relax, he did want to take control... hahaha... we had fun... he still doesn't love the city, but hoping that will change... he should... it has innovative underground subway in some places... and it is scary... especially in an Earthquake, but that's another story for another time

- Up at 7
- Showers by 7:30
- Take the convertible out
- Go to Pasadena to Rowse Bowll Flee Mark-it
- Get lots of succulents to plant
- Run around looking for brunch/restaurant to eat after
- End up in downtown Monroveeuh at a bar where I have some carne asada and drop my knife nonstop... of course I'm messy, Mike
- Go to Target again for pots for succulents
- Watch some TiVo
- Head home about 7 to visit family and was planning on staying, BUT the water was still off and so they suggested I go back to my bf's house, so I did
- Back to his place at 9 where I prep for my new classes and make seating charts... bed right at 10 when I'm done

- Up at 6:30
- Shower
- Off to work, busy day
- Internet seemed out at work, but I hit the wireless off button on my computer I discovered after I got to Mike's, so I entered grades while he tightened his gas line on the stove that was leaking and he worked on his car putting sealant on the coolant box
- Head out after we are finished to Michaels and WallyWorld for rocks for the succulent plants
- Get 10 bags of rocks at craft store
- Head to Cawst Plus for caw fee
- Go to Redd Robbin for din-din
- Happy hour margarita and bacon burger... good, but underwhelming... good drink
- my breath smelled like onions all night... I complained
- Mike could smell me all night as we sat on the couch sipping wine, watching Tivo and our Beverly Hills Housewives
- Go to bedroom about 8:30 where we watch Lady Gaga and poke each other
- Cuddling in bed and sex was hampered by the onion breath I had... boo
- Played around
- Bed about 10:30ish

- Up at 6:30, wash hair, shower, hurry, hurry
- Wish my bf a good business trip and I take off for work
- Text him during my lunch to wish him a good flight
- Lots of busyness at work with new classes

- Blondie and I are getting juiced... more to come... hahaha


fan of casey said...

Mike: That unusual water bottle confused me, at first I thought it was an asian sex toy of some kind. Hah! I guess my mind is in the gutter.

Are you teaching a new spelling method in school or are the kids rubbing off on you? :-)

Mike said...

fan of casey: Nope... just making it harder to google this cause of some of the places we went

fan of casey said...

Mike: OK, I knew there had to be a reason, the meticulous teacher in you, who has schooled us before in misspellings and typo posts, would not let them slip through. I actually had a harder time reading some words phonetically spelled out because they looked so unfamiliar.

Aek said...

Wow. Lots of food. How do you not get fat?!?!