Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life update

Odds and ends...

Work is going pretty well. I am keeping afloat, which is more than can be said for several. I will be swamped the next 2 weeks, so maybe I'm speaking too soon. Damn grading and unit plans.

Credential validation classes make me sad. Hate spending my weeknights in those classes with these overly fake people.

Relationshipwise things are going great with Mike. It is so hard to believe that I may be moving in with him one day... and maybe sooner than later. Never did I think it would happen where I would move into a guy's house. I thought I'd be the alone bachelor.

Family is tough right now. They are not liking me being gone more and more. My dad has had a couple health issues in the past month where he has been out of work. We are hoping my dad will get full disability so that he can retire, but every time he has an appointment the doctors never end up increasing it.

My mom is stressed with her new curriculum for her new assignment at work.

My sister is off in la-la-land or something, as always. I wouldn't know, I'm never home.

Parents also dealing with my Aunt in Nor Cal.

Aunt in Nor Cal, the one who preached veggies, and good wine, just suffered several major health issues that have the entire family worried. I have a couple appointments with my doctor set up because of it... trying not to worry, really shouldn't because I'm young, but I'm going to appease everyone... kinda nervous... not gonna lie

My cousin from Oklahoma will be moving out here at the end of October. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED and in disbelief. Never did I think it would happen. I am nervous/excited to introduce my special someone to her.

So excited for dinner with my favorite lesbians and our significant others.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Sorry you are having family issues. Trying to balance your work, BF, and family responsibilities can be daunting at times but you seem very capable of multitasking.

I hope you get a clean bill of health after visiting the doctor to get checked out.

Aek said...

Don't fret, you're young and healthy. The key is staying that way as long as possible (the healthy part, you've no real control over the young part, lol)!

That said, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer run in families. So while it's good to see your doctor and get your risks assessed, he/she will probably just tell you ways to stay healthy and just be on the look out.

It sounds like everything else is going pretty well though!!

B said...

Wow, lots going on. I'm sure the doc will say everything's fine, but no harm in getting a check up. I'm probably due for a physical myself. Hope the family issues clear up soon.