Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A drinking kind of day


- Work was stressful- an observation from my first year teaching mentor, rowdy kids to begin with, one kid who was extremely misbehaved I had to handle
- I was at work photocopying after school for nearly 2 hours with Lipstick Lesbian, and standing around waiting for a copy machine spitting out copies is unpleasant
- Left at about 4:30 for Mike's
- Get to Mike's and he is working in his office- I had a project to finish up that took about 10-15 minutes, so I did that too
- He goes in the kitchen and I follow... he makes a bloody mary and I make a piano colada
- Watch some Ellen and have a Facebook photo posing competition with our animals to compete with Lipstick Lesbian
- I drink that fast while he warms up the pizza from the night before in the microwave oven
- A glass of wine was also needed after... it was almost an apple juicy pinot grigio

- Watch some Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen ---- by the way, does anyone know how to get tickets to go and eat at one of the showings?
- Mike left to get a few quarts of ice cream, brings it back, and we eat that, then watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
- We both laid around until 10 before heading toward bed
- I kissed him goodnight before i fell asleep about 10:20


- He was up and awake at 6:15, as was I, but I laid until I really had to move at 6:30
- He was dressed by the time I had to leave and I hugged him goodbye
- Didn't know if I was coming back since today was shot day, plus we were possibly celebrating my sister's birthday, but that didn't happen, so we just did dinner, came home, and I had a major headache... it was not bueno... I was sad. I wanted to go back to Mike's since he'll be gone the rest of the week on business.

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