Monday, September 19, 2011

Left my shoes at his house... lol.


- Met him at his house about 3:30
- We watched Ellen on TV, then took off to the LA County Fair about 4:30
- Stopped at an Italian restaurant in La Verne for dinner... we are glad we did after seeing some of the fair food
- Go to LA County Fair... parking was crazy... we made our own spot cause that's how we roll... we snuck out of the line to park and found our own spot
- People standing outside wanting us to sign their petition... one was about teaching tolerance... it wasn't really, but that's what they said, it was about a law that discriminated against gays, set Mike off, so he filled out a complaint form as we got to the fair.
- Set off looking for farm animals... I never knew where they moved them after all that remodeling.
- Cute and not so cute animals
- Go through a few buildings and decide it is crowded and the same ol' same ol'
- Decide to head home since the ski ride was expensive
- Watch random TV on the couch about 10:30 or 11. We fall asleep on the couch and wake up about 1:20 suddenly. We both huddle to the bedroom


- Up at 10:30am... his alarm went off at 8, but we turned over and slept until 10:30... the day was already half gone
- Shower and by the time we are done it is nearly noon and we have English muffins/eggs for breakfast
- Watch Aarti on Food Network and decide I need spinach and artichoke dip, but he puts me down saying how unhealthy it was... also decided I needed lasagna
- Go to The Alley, Tai Pei Trading Company, Kohls for pillows, and Olive Garden
- Had an Italian Margarita, which may be my new favorite drink... you can't beat tequila and amaretto... sooooooo good and cuts down on the typical bite of a margarita
- Got my spinach dip and lasagna fritta
- Stop at Fresh & Easy for lasagna ingredients
- Stop at Stater Brothers for the rest of the lasagna ingredients
- Stop at Big Lots for lots of wine
- Go back to Mike's and have pina coladas, as well as wine.
- One wine I picked out, some Bulgarian wine, had a 14.5% alcoholic content, and well, after 3 glasses I felt the buzz
- Lots of tickling, kissing, and poking as we ate the lasagna cups, and laid on the couch
- About 10:30 we made our way to the bedroom and I was very adamant we were going to fool around... I was buzzed... his body felt soooo incredible... it was a nice time


- Up at 8, shower
- Breakfast of muesli that we bought at Big Lots
- Head off to Oak Glen for apple season... stop at an apple donut place I'd never been... donuts were sooooo tasty
- Not much going on and lots of people, though not as crowded as it could have been, so we headed down the mountain
- Went to Route 66 Rendezvous to say we've gone
- Lots of classic cars
- Go to his place and have more pina coladas
- Watch TV
- We fall asleep about 3 and wake up at 5:15 when my dad calls
- Watch TV, though very tired
- Dinner of Dominos super thin crust pizza that was crispy
- Head home about 7:30... it was dark out!
- He recommended I leave my shoes that he bought me the other day at his house so I always have a pair there... yay!


fan of casey said...

Mike: First it's shoes, then clothes, and before you know it you have a stealth move in. Very sly!

fan of casey said...

Mike: Good thing you did not leave your scarves there. Huh? Read on to find out . . .