Sunday, September 25, 2011

Olive you glad we went?

Wednesday Mike sent me a text asking if I was doing anything this weekend, and that he had a surprise. We were going to Phoenix. That made an awful week awesome.

- Tried to get out of work at 3, but it was 3:30 before I was out, and then still had a lot to do, which I managed to tackle on the car ride
- Drive to the airport for a rental, a SAAB 9-3 Turbo... 32mpg not bad... great acceleration and handling- and I could tell from the passenger seat - styling is not up to par with other luxuries, but no doubt the rental company got it cheap given Saab's situation
- Stop for fish tacos after deciding a margarita and chips at Ap-pole-bee's was not cutting it
- Stop in Co-Chella to use the restroom
- On to Phoenix where we were at a hotel just outside the airport
- Stop at a liquor store for a little bottle of something to get the party going
- Got lots of freebies like drinks, appetizers, breakfast, all due to Mike's status... pretty sweet
- Go down to hotel bar for drinks and appetizers... jack and coke, thanks
- Nice bartender, but not great drinks, but they were free, and we got time to chat, so it was a win-win
- Up to the room for some vino
- Brush teeth
- Tickle, poke, tickle... we were so horny... we were watching something on TV with Ashton Kutcher, then next thing you know we are making out, which was soooooooo fun and enjoyable, and then more happened
- He was insistent on tickling me afterward, and we cuddled up afterward and I fell asleep in his arms, which I miss doing I realize

- Up at 7:30, cuddle until 8, then more cuddling. He touches my woody, and we were at it again... too fun!!! He didn't last long, so after he came, I jacked myself off and he played around with my chest, and we made out, which I enjoyed
- Shower
- Down to hotel restaurant for breakfast... football team was there... a couple annoying patrons too
- Off to olive farms
- Tr tons of different olive oils... who knew there were so many flavors... tour was disappointing, but learned some, and found a lot of stuff to try
- Scarf down some delicious cupcakes made with olive oil... I'm a believer now... must try olive oil in my baking
- Off to Downtown Scottsdale where we went to a Mexican restaurant where I had an enchilada and margarita, then walked around and Mike bought a few figurines, as well as a necklace for his mom's birthday... Mike seemed a little buzzed, which was cute, and we became very flirty
- End up in another olive oil store and balsamic vinegar... found lots of other flavors to try, and the lady was super sweet who was helping us... bought some more
- Back in car to the hotel- saw a car accident happen on the freeway... a blow out... a car went spinning... scary stuff
- Shower at hotel and sort of nap
- Off to the swanky restaurant in Tempe that Mike picked out... heard about how Tempe is where he first drank and got drunk... so cute!
- We park the car and pay dearly because of the football game going on
- Go to a gay pizza joint... seriously... every guy working there was gay... and they were the flamboyant stuck up type... it was not cool
- Wine was so-so
- Off to the restaurant, which was mostly outdoor
- We had patio reservations for 8:15 and grabbed a glass of wine while on the patio... tried abarino, which was pretty good
- Mike was chatting up the lady next to us who was the owner of the restaurant we found out
- We had reservations for a table on the patio, but Mike said the service was great at the bar, which it was, so we opted to stay there, though a table would have been romantic
- All of a sudden a dust storm comes and it seemed like a rain downpour, but then we realized it was blowing, Mike lost his contact, and people went scrambling. It all happened in under like 30 seconds and lasted 4-5 minutes. It was nuts, but I stayed out there and lived through it and the bartenders kept pouring. We were both covering our glasses of vino, but we were Californians living it up and experiencing this new thing to us
- We felt sandy and gritty afterward, Mike got his contact fixed, and we ordered our food. That was crazy. People either flocked inside or just stood around after
- Dinner was interesting... chili and asparagus... flat iron steak and potatoes with a very contrasting seasoning sauce, and key lime pie for dessert
- Espresso martini for dessert, Mike shared that with me, as well as a glass of wine
- He was buzzing again I'm pretty sure
- Back toward the hotel, but he didn't know exactly where he was going, and I just told him he went the wrong way and justified my reasons as to why... I was right... whatdya know? I loved flirting with him through all of this... lol...
- In our room we sip wine and decide it was no bueno, so brush teeth and get in bed
- "Will you give me your foot?" "Will you please give me your foot?" The persistence in him asking that made me melt. He was cute. I gave him my foot, but that meant I got tickled. "Why would you give me your foot?" Geez. 20 questions. I couldn't resist, though it meant being tickled. I tickled back. We both fell asleep snuggled closely

- Up at 7:30
- Mike realized he had to fly out tonight, so head back toward home
- Shower
- Grab some Dunkin Donuts since we can't do that in Cali, and America runs on Dunkin, you know
- Mike isn't feeling so great :( headache and nausea
- Head to the Salt-in See where we see all the salt on the ground
- Stop at Subway in Mecca for lunch
- In Salt-in See we see all the crazy towns, Mike gives me a tour and a synopsis of everything I needed to know
- Visit Salt-in Sitee too
- Lots of randomness... lots of vacancies and a city that was supposed to be developed, but never was because the sea's issues prevented it. It was cool to finally visit that place as one of my mom's former students whom she is still in contact with moved out there, so that was cool
- Back to Mike's
- He packs for his trip
- We chit chat
- Watch Food Truck Race
- Head out, hug, kiss, thank each other for the weekend, and see him off
- He speeds on the freeway to catch up to me, and when he does waves, which made me melt... so cute!
- Home about 8:15, Debrief and tell the family about the weekend

Songs from the weekend:
- Mike's new jam

Most overplayed and worst songs of the weekend... anything Natasha Bedingfield

Sometimes I swear his iPod only has 3-4 songs... mine has like 1800 ;-)
- Best songs of the weekend:
This was surprisingly romantic as we jammed in the car Friday night heading to Phx... it was dark... and JLo has a sexy voice


fan of casey said...

Mike: That was fun. How long is the drive to Phoenix? I've been there once for training, the stores close so early in the evening.

Mind Of Mine said...

Why was your week going to be awful?

What I am about to say next, I say with constructive thoughts in mine, but I find it really hard to read your blog as of late. These bullet point itinerary posts are very hard to relate too.

I don't know about most people, but I like to know how certain things they did made them feel. The impact they may have had. However small.