Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Avon lady

I had just settled down for a nice slumber at about 11:10, I'm in my bed ready to fall asleep when the dang Avon lady calls at 11:23. I am annoyed because who the hell calls the home phone after 9p.m.? We haven't had a call after 9p.m. in months, and the last time I think was probably when my grandma died. I was almost kind of worried when we got this call tonight.I get up to see that it says Carla the Bitchy Avon Lady and realize I need to take care of this.

I spring over to the phone, pick up the receiver, and the conversation goes like this:

Me: You rang?
Carla The Bitchy Avon Lady: Um, well, um, yes, hello, is your mom around?
Me: It is 11:23p.m.
Carla: Well, um, is she home?
Me: Shouldn't you be asleep like most normal people?
Carla: Young man, I am not going to stand for this and let you insult me. Is your mom home?
Me: It was only too easy to do (insult her). Um. No.
Carla: Oh, I forgot your mom goes to bed early.
Me: I thought so. (I hang up the receiver.)

By this time my parents are up, sister is still awake, and my dad is cussing my mom for letting this woman call so late, and how much he hates the woman.

I swear, this woman is so annoying. She gets up at like 2p.m. and goes to bed at 5a.m. or so. She is this old woman constantly complaining about this and that, and her life is so bad, and she needs to go pray this and that that her life will get better. This woman is one of those psycho religious people. She calls and leaves messages on our answering machine that says she is going to church to pray for her plumbing because her toilet is backed up and wouldn't be home if my mom were going to stop by to pick up her Avon. Personally I understand her dilemma- she is full of shit- and well, if it keeps her from calling us, go and pray, by all means. She's too much. The woman just sets me off.

Oh, and it probably didn't help she was at Kaiser when I was today getting her allergy shot also. She asked me to give my mom an Avon book and I remarked something along the lines of I was not her slave, and if she wanted to give it to my mom, she should do it herself.

Yeah, I have a mean side.


My Time said...

Ahhhh , that was good to read. That made my day much better. I like your mean side.

Bruce said...

I like your mean side too. She deserved everything you said and more. How un-professional and rude to make a business call at that hour.

Anonymous said...
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