Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pillow fight of sorts

I have been through about 10 pillows over the past 6-7 months. I keep buying pillows and not liking them. I like 2 pillows to lay on, I like my head elevated just so, and nothing was living up to my requirements. Every pillow I buy keeps going flat. I was content with my old pillows, but I needed new pillows since I have a King sized bed now. I tried some Kohls pillows, some from Sears, the Ralph Lauren pillows from Macys, as well as the Charter Club pillows at Macys since they were on sale for $40 after coupon. There was some awful memory foam pillows mixed in. I was out Tuesday night looking around for pillows and couldn't find any. I decided to give The Guy a call because I knew I liked his pillows. Surprisingly he picked up and I told him my dilemma. He tried to find the brand of his, but there was no label. He knew they were Hungarian goose down pillows. He told me to come over yesterday about 3p.m., and we'd find what type they are.

I called him about 2:15 and he was leaving work. He told me to make myself comfortable and he'd be home at 3. He called in the meantime to ask if I could get some waters for him, and he'd pay me back. I did. He gets home about 3:15. He had to stop to get his dogs from doggy daycare. I give him his Christmas gift, which was those Febreeze candles, and a lemongrass soy candle I found at Target. I knew candles were a safe bet because we like the same sort of fresh scents. It turns out he didn't have any candles since they got broken. I also gave him a $50 Best Buy gift card. He hugged and thanked me. Then I told him about the bad date, and brought my candle, Target shopping bag, and plaque to show The Guy. He thought it was hilarious. The plaque said "you make me smile," and he held it in one hand and then put this really dorky smile on his face. It was too funny. Then he said that it was disturbing that this man, at 42, should know that was not appropriate for a first date- if we had known each other for a significant period of time, it may be cute. We joke about Target and how Target was something him and I did, and it was always fun- not weird like this trip to Target was.

We go in the office and he sits down to his computer. He tells me about some of his adventures- some latino guy he met that gave him really bad head the other day. He told me how he has met some people on grindr just to chat, and "knows" these people, or at least some stuff about them. We sat showing each other cute guys on grindr. He told me he tried something online the other day called "rent a slave" or something where he is renting a guy from some place to basically be his slave, do housework, run errands, and stuff like that. He is paying $2,000 and the guy is flying in from Turkey. WTF? He doesn't really know how it works, and is doubtful the guy will show up.

We take time to look at the pillows online. The pillows he has are made by Marrikas and are no longer available. He then finds what he considers the next best pillows for me that are some goose down king sized that are $299 a piece. He said there are no other good pillows and I must have these. HMMM.... I don't see that happening... $600 for 2 pillows... going to have to find some other substitutes.

He showed me some really cool new Sprint products that he wants to buy like a wireless portable hotspot for WIFI. He gets a business call that he has to take, so he handles that.

After he gets off the phone we chat for a few minutes and I tell him I'm headed to school. I tell him how I can't be late, and also that I am still a smart ass in my classes. I told him about the bird walk my professor went on the other night and my smart ass comments.

I took off about 4:47 to be able to get to school by 5:15. Thankfully traffic was wide open. I even got some Chick-Fil-A real quick.

Such a fun couple of hours... good laughs


Anonymous said...

Chic Fil A sounds good right now for some reason.

Rent a Slave? WTF, wish I had money to burn like that lol.

When I like a pillow at a hotel, I find out what pillows they have if I can, I'm kind of picky about them too, I build pillow mountain. I bought a $2 pillow at Walmart and liked it as much as my $30 pillow at Target. The price is indifferent to me in whether I like one or not, sometimes they're cheap, sometimes they're expensive. So I know what your talking about but I'm not paying $600 for two pillows unless I'm at least worth $500,000.

Anonymous said...

I went through the same pillow problem a few years ago, looking for a quality down or feather pillow. The problem is that all the normal dept stores sell low quality products now, at a variety of prices. I ended up ordering from Scandia Down after reading about them. The good thing about Scandia is that they service pillows after you buy them, this way you could get many years of use out of a pillow. They can clean them and add more down to them. I have had mine for 3 years and it has not required any additional down Think about getting some inexpensive King pillows for looks, but then order a standard size Scandia. For pure function I recommend the Lucerne model, they cost from $180 to $240 in the standard size depeding on firmness you choose. I bought the most firm model for side sleepers, a pillow protector, and shipping for about $280 three years ago with no regrets. If you think about how many years you can use the pillow, and then get it cleaned and restuffed, it is not so expensive.

Anonymous said...

good one! i just brought a lot of some other new emo backgrounds to my blog

Anonymous said...

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