Friday, February 12, 2010

What are the chances?

Well, I know that as long as I spend a couple hours with Linda during the week all is ok. She isn't too overbearing and I guess she feels important. I am able to go to work, sub, and I know to always have an agenda of what I need to do after school so I don't get held up talking to her. My post isn't about Linda, though.

So Thursday night (for the past 12 weeks or so) my mom, Linda, and M go out to Olive Garden or Sizzler. I told my mom that I needed to leave about 6p.m. to go to Kaiser to pick up a prescription, get gas, and go to Kohls. I do all 3 and it is close to 7:15 when I'm done. I am about 8 miles from home going through the big interchange and I see my mom in front of me. What are the chances? She was in her car and had just left hanging with Linda a few minutes before. I thought that was pretty funny. There are thousands of cars that go through the interchange everyday, and that I left my mom an hour earlier, and yet we met in the interchange.

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