Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's for the kids...

So um there is a pep rally on Friday at work and the students are all jazzed. The new principal is trying to promote school spirit. 7 female teachers are dancing to a song and the students have been asking for 2 weeks if I was going to dance. I denied it. I said no. I told them they only wanted teachers and I am just a sub- albeit I usually only sub at this school and am well known. I said I couldn't dance. I did everything to deny it. I gave in and spoke to our lovely choreographer, and I am dancing on Friday. The kids don't know.

I'm prepared to make a fool of myself. I'm prepared to be 3-4 steps behind every other teacher, to forget the moves, to bump into the other teachers, to be laughed at, whatever. I'm jazzed.

So without further adieu, here's what I'm going to be dancing to:

The kids will love it!!! They eat this stuff up. Here's the first minute of the dance that I have down. A special treat for you readers. And OMG my legs are killing me after practicing for this. It is so hard to dance in my room to this.

I used the webcam on my computer to tape it just so I could watch it and check on the timing. I want to get it down.

My moves are completely different than the female teachers who are going to be behind me. I am dancing in front. They are in the background and are going three steps forward and then back, waving their arms up and down in unison while I'm drumming. Then when I turn around and flip the teachers begin drumming and doing what I was doing, then they quickly return to the arm wave as I flip back around. Then I go 3 steps to the left/right as I'm pointing when in the song they are saying "they call me her etc." various teachers are walking up next to me and I'm pointing to them. I need to get the part down after the naming when they say "they call me quiet, but I'm a riot" and throw my hands back quicker. I have the first minute down, but there's still a couple minutes to go.


JC said...

It's amazing what we will do for the kids. I know some kid at your school will be videoing this and then putting it up on youtube. You have got to send me the link when it happens. I want to see the final product.

If it helps, I got stuck in this body suit that had boobs and a bikini on it. Then, they gave me a blonde wig. I was in a dance off dressed like this. Luckily, I had to do the Chicken Dance.

The only difference between yours and mine is that I did not know anything about it. I was singled out during the assembly and told to go behind the curtain and get ready for the dance off.

I have yet to live it down. Luckily, none of the kids had a cell phone out videoing it. (They know we would have confiscated the phone during school hours...YES!)

Also, I have to mention this about your video...Is that a pile of clothes in a clothes basket on the right side of the video. I thought I was the only one that crazy to create the leaning tower of laundry.

Take care and the best of luck!

Mind Of Mine said...

Oh come on Mike, you know you can do better than that. You will already be sacrificing your dignity so why not go all out and completely go crazy!

Completely bawl out!

Although I do have to commend you and getting up and doing this in the first place.

I applaud you.

Aek said...

Hahaha, you look ridiculous. I don't know how those kids will let you live it down afterwards!! You're not quite in sync with the music. :-P

Anonymous said...

That was hard to watch!

Shawn said...

Um, can I just say -- Napoleon Dynamite was better. Sorry.

Mike said...

JC: That was even after some clothes had been washed. We'll see if it is on youtube after this weekend... hahaha

Mind of Mine: I think I got my timing down. Thanks.

Aek: I practiced and worked really hard. I think the timing was ok.

Anonymous: LOL

Shawn: It's quite ok. I tried. It was fun. I think the timing was better and I stayed on track according to the teachers. We just all had a hard time after about the first minute where we started to partner up- 1 of the female teachers forgot I was her partner when we joined arms, so there was some confusion. Overall it went really well and the kids were talking.