Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why is he still staying?

The Guy promised he'd treat me to dinner one night this week for taking him to the airport and picking him up this past week. We were planning on Friday, but I didn't hear from him so I texted him Friday afternoon to see if we were going to Saturday. He said we were going to hang Saturday afternoon. He texts me a good morning in the morning, a few texts back and forth, and we agree on 4p.m.

I get to his place at 4p.m. as the workers are finishing most of the tile near the front door. I make my way in to the office where THe Guy is playing WOW. We chat about our day, our week, and stuff like that. We hang there for 45 minutes or so until he says we have to go get the dogs. The tile guys are finishing up. They are done for the day, so he locks up, and we drive to get the dogs. On the way we talk about my bedroom and we are in agreeance that candle sconces are nice, maybe some nice artwork, but again, we don't know what. We may visit Target.

We get to the doggy daycare and The Guy's husky has blood on him. It turns out it is from another dog that got into something it shouldn't. The Guy said it wasn't a big deal. He asked the worker at the counter how her Saturday was going, and she could barely talk. She nearly broke down in tears. She finally got it out that her 5 month old puppy died this past week. She lives with her boyfriend's parents, and they kept the dog in his kennel with his food, and his stomach was bloated. The Guy told the girl at the counter that he was so sorry and if there was anything she needed to give him a call. We left and both felt bad for the girl and then having to be around the other dogs, and probably thinking about hers. We drove back and The Guy tried to call in the sushi order. The place opened at 5. It was 5:20, so he dials, but they don't pick up. He dials back close to 10 times and waits probably a good 2 dozen rings each time before he gets someone. He then asks why they took so long to pick up the phone, and it turns out they were taking reservations and couldn't answer the phone. The Guy tells me we're going to pick Casey up too. I knew that since they were texting earlier. The Guy tells me about Josh on the way. The Guy's friend Joe is on a soccer team, and apparently Josh is too, now. Josh and Joe talked. Joe never brought The Guy up, nor did Josh, which kind of hurt The Guy that Josh didn't. As the two of them were talking, Josh's female friend, his best friend, who is married that he is banging came up and told Joe that he was fat and had gained a lot of weight since he stopped working out at her gym. I was astounded he said that. Joe is the argumentative type, and thankfully replied back that he was busy getting his PHD, going to school and working full time, maybe he has a life outside the gym. Props to him! But I guess that pretty much ended the conversation.

We get to Casey's house and The Guy's dog is growling at Casey's cat, which is pretty funny since he is outside of the car. Casey gets in and is stuck in the back with the dogs. He is on his phone texting, talking about a guy he is sort of dating. This same thing happened the last time in the car where he got in and would talk about other guys he was dating or getting fucked by. I was kind of turned off by that because who does that? The Guy goes in to get the sushi and Casey and I hang out in the car. Driving back to The Guy's place the topic of older guys came up and my Target Date disaster came up. The Guy told Casey about it, and somehow I bring up that the crazy worked at Disneyland. It turns out Casey does too, and wanted to know the crazy date's name. I told him, and he knew who I was talking about. He has 2 friends who dated this guy and said that he was very out there as far as being scary, doing outrageous things, and being inappropriate for a first date. I understand.

Inside the house we cordon off a space so the dogs can't go on the tile and enter through the living room door instead of the main door. We cordon off the living room and kitchen so there is only access to the bathroom, bedroom, and office. I joke that using the dog bed is not a good barricade for the dogs because they'll knock it over and sure enough, THe Guy's husky knocked it down almost immediately. They calm down and come hang out by our feet once we gather in the office. We debated whether to eat the sushi, the 3 of us, on The Guy's bed, but decide to eat at the desk in the office. We joke about possibly playign musical chairs, although The Guy is selfish because I was left sitting on the amp far away from the sushi. I probably have 7-8 pieces of the various types from the tuna roll, salmon, peppered salmon, shrimp roll, and more. I tried to sample everything this time. After eating The Guy and Casey start playing WOW. The Guy put on Lady Antebellum's new CD that he downloaded so that I wasn't so bored and had somethign to listen to. Casey and I were again being argumentative about everything. If he said something was blue, I said it was green. We argued about everything it seemed. The Guy joked that we needed to calm down, love, and he was going to break us up. It was all in good fun, though. I decided I'd get my computer after a while and I could possibly join in on the fun. I go through the many updates and then come to discover that it would not work because The Guy never kept the account I was using activated. We talked about my internet issues and how I will never play WOW at home because of that.

The Guy wants to go in the jacuzzi and invites both of us out about 8p.m. I go with him because I thought Casey might go, but also I wanted to chat with The Guy. I could sense he was bothered by something. We get out to the jacuzzi and he starts off- he is bothered- he kind of likes Casey, Casey will text him saying he is horny, come over, then not be. The Guy has to always pick Casey up since he doesn't have a car, then Casey is always texting, texting other guys at that, and talking about guys he is chasing and guys fucking him. The Guy talked about how he keeps letting people walk all over him like that. He talked about how he was bothered by Matt who texted him the other night he was so horny, yet came over and was just as tired as when we played. He said he needs to reevaulate guys and how it is not fair to him. I agreed. I was going to bring this Casey thing up to him because I know Casey is the kind The Guy likes, and I realized after talking to blogger JC on the internet when WOW wouldn't work for me. The Guy is attracted to Casey because he is young, needs help, and a few other things that causes The Guy to come in, fill that void, and makes The Guy feel good. I was just bothered because of the fact he talked so openly about other guys. The Guy tells me we would hang out again today or tomorrow, but he really wanted Casey to just go, and if I'd say about 11p.m. I just had to go, so Casey would get the hint and leave. I said sure. We talk about The Guy and his weight issues. He is lacking motivation to keep the weight off without Josh in his life. He tells me about how great the Utah trip was, the guy he met on that, and how his mom paid for the entire trip, including his snowboard lessons. It was a good chat.

We go back in and I play around on Grindr since WOW didn't work. The Guy hears the little Grindr message sound and asks me who I'm chatting, then he logs on. We take a few minutes to show each other hot and not so hot guys. Casey is still engrossed in the game. The two of them play and THe Guy buys Casey some weapon , and they play for about another hour. The Guy then announces he is heading to bed and is tired. The Guy turns on the heat, waits around for Casey to make an attempt to leave, and then heads to bed. It was about 15 minutes before Casey was finally ready to leave. I agreed to take Casey back home since he was on my way. In the car we chat about him working for Disney, the Disney gay guys who work there, and other random little things. It was midnight when I got home.

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I enjoyed the music! And I'm not usually one for country =)