Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Choosing granite

The Guy called me about 3p.m. Monday and I didn't pick up. I was busy getting imbibed before heading off to my night classes.

He called again about 9:10 Tuesday morning. He was on the road somewhere and we talked. I told him about just hanging around at home. He told me about all of his granite problems. He liked a granite slab that was $2,400 per slab as opposed to $600 like the granite cutter picked out. He asked me to meet him to see it. I told him sure. I drove over to the place, which was just down the freeway from him and right by where I go to school. He is in the back, and I head back that way. I have to grab a hard hat to go out in the factory with him. He shows me what he had picked, and it is beautiful. It has so many different rocks and colors in it. It is a black with oranges, browns, whites, and more. The granite cutter said to not use it because it is so brittle and difficult to work with, especially for the edging that The Guy wants. I love the piece he picked out, but I told him I thought the other one would be better. I told him that I think it would match the floor better, but also the other was too busy for the area. Lots of deliberation and talking to the workers- he sides with me to go with the $600 slabs. They're nice looking, but less expensive, but still not cheap granite.

We get in our cars and head to his place texting each other on the way. The Guy asked me if it was still carpooling when we were following each other. I said it was and that his big car was pulling my little one. He said he felt I was coming up his butt with my car. I told him I was coming at ramming speeds. He asked if he could have poppers. I asked if he wasn't manly enough to handle it without the poppers. He laughed.

We get to his place and see his new kitchen cabinet up against the wall. Looked pretty good. Still not the ideal kitchen layout, but it should be nice. The Guy told me that he had so much granite left over from the $600 slab he decided to have them put it in the bathroom too. The Guy decided because he was getting a new countertop in the bathroom he needed a new sink. He found a $300 Kohler. He also found a $700 Kohler faucet. He orders both. The Guys continue demoing and we hang out in the office while he tries to deal with Home Depot, who messed up his order on his appliances. The workers take off about 12:30. The Guy decides he needs a new toilet and looks at the $3,000 European Kohler toilet, then decides on the $1,500 Kohler wide bottom, something something toilet, even though everyone, including the workers told him to not spend that much on a toilet.

I have to take off about 1:15 to meet my partner for our lesson plan. I tell The Guy I can come back and he says he wants me to. He gives me money to pick up a pizza on the way back. I was sort of regretting this because I was sure because of the fact he gave me money something would happen and it'd be hours before I got back, and The Guy was hungry, as was I. My partner, Mormon boy, is being disagreeable and suddenly thinks our lesson plan won't fly. I object and vehemently refuse to change anything, and instead start delegating what each of us will do since he obviously isn't comfortable with it. We were with his mom looking over the lesson plan, and thank god she agreed with me. I'm done with that by 3.

I bring the pizza back and THe Guy and I eat and he plays Everquest II. It was an expansion pack day, so there was some new land he could go to. He was playing with his friend Mike and a couple others. I tell him about my partner, how he claims he is so laid back, yet he was so controlling and insistent on doing the project, doing every aspect, then was having a breakdown today. The Guy laughed. I was so easy going and laid back, which is so unlike me, but there was no pressure. The professor said the only way we won't get an "A" in the class is to not do an assignment. We are the first group to go, so the standards are lower for us, so don't worry.

The Guy and I spend some time going through his cabinets throwing out all of his kitchen spices- which are less than a year old and emptying everything else out of his kitchen cabinets, which aren't that old either. We put some new baking sheets away and stuff like that.

We have to go get his dogs from doggy daycare at 5. On our way there he tells me he is going to Utah for business on Friday-Monday and wants to know if I will spend the night at his house Thursday night, take him to the airport Friday morning, and then wait for his dogs to be picked up by the doggy daycare for the weekend. He asked what I make a day subbing, and he told me he'd pay me that amount so there wouldn't be hard feelings about missing work to take him to the airport. I said sure. We get the dogs and talk to Jeff on the way home and tell him about the granite dilemma.

The Guy and I hang out in the office where he plays more EQ II, then he tells his friend Casey to come over to help move stuff and get ready for the carpet to be pulled up today. The Guy tells me he is going to pay me $100 for helping, just like he is paying Casey. I told him it wasn't necessary, but he said it meant a lot to him. Casey ends up needing a ride, so The Guy showers, and we head down to pick him up. He is probably my age. We got along pretty well I think. We both are very sarcastic and were bickering about everything it seemed like from the time we met- in a good way. The Guy orders sushi for us and we eat that in his kitchen. Casey jokes about liking all of the alcohol in the sushi restaurant, and we were going to order drinks, but decided to go back to THe Guy's place where we made a vodka, orange juice, and cranberry concoction. Sushi and drinks. Fun times.

After dinner, Casey washes all of the dishes in the bathroom while The Guy and I unplug all of his electronics in the living room since the carpet is coming up today. We put some other stuff away in the process. It doesn't take too long. The Guy also goes through throwing out all of his "old" (products that have been used once) Aveda products and gives them to Casey and I.

Casey plays some WOW, The Guy plays more EQII, and I hang out in the office kind of dozing off while they do that. The Guy wakes me up at 12:38 and I get ready to go. I get home about 1:03. Thankfully no sub call today.

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