Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A lull

Things are slowing down for me, and that's a good thing. Since the end of Christmas Break I had subbed nearly everyday. It was sure nice. I happen to like money. I did a semi-longterm sub position, and a few other classes here and there. What was also nice was that every job I had was requested for. I didn't sub yesterday or today, which was almost surprising. Hopefully I get called for tomorrow.

School is going alright. I was sure spoiled the previous 2 quarters where the work was a complete joke, and I could throw something together prior to class. I can still mostly do that. We are getting into the more core classes, however. I am being exposed to the courses and tasks I need to submit to the state so that I can do student teaching later, which is required for part of the credential. I'll work on the paperwork later this month. My goal is to have most of it done by March 1.

I have an older woman probably in her 60s who is so lovey dovey for one class and is all about the love and "sharing the good news." She likes to go on "bird walks" during class, which are her words for tangent. She said, "now, let's go on a bird walk. Edelia lives down the street from me, she's the lovely old woman who is never going to die, and she's 97. She grew up on a farm where there was horses. One day I was out in my garden spreading manure, and she smelled it. It never occurred to me with dementia and Alzheimers smell is the last sense to go, so when they smell a familiar smell it brings up memories. She came walking out to me asking if I'd seen her horse and figured I better walk her home." Yes. She goes on for hours with these stories. I responded with "I think I need to get my horse and get going. I think I've been sitting here for hours." In my defense, it was near 7p.m., and time for our break in my mind. So as you can see I am continuing to be my little smart ass self in my classes. Last night I needed to lay off on the "prissy pills," according to my teacher because I was being very sarcastic about everything that came out of her mouth, or anyone elses. There are only 6 people in the class. I'm the only guy.

My Wednesday night class is taught by a drill instructor pretty much. He has no tolerance for you being late, anyone being late, cell phones, and stuff like that. I sit in the back on my cell phone- don't tell. I just make sure it doesn't go off or make sounds. He gives a lot of busy work- "get to know you activities." We are given a test to answer each week on the reading and it is done in partners, so my partner and I split it up. He does the multiple choice and essays. I do the key terms, short answer, and true/false. My partner is a super hot Mormon boy, but very straight, and everything is "righteous," and he calls everyone "bro." He's probably 6'3'', 170lbs, sort of thick muscular build, dark brown hair slicked to the front, a few freckles, dark brown eyes.

As far as relationships/friendships go, The Guy and I are overdue for hanging out. He has been sick the past week or so, so we haven't hung out. I haven't talked to him since we hung out last other than for a few texts here and there. The 21 year old I went on a date with a few weeks back and I have talked. He doesn't really want a relationship now because he is going through a major transition in his life and he isn't sure how it will turn out, but he wants to remain friends. Maybe I'll find someone one day... keeping my eyes open. Jack off buddy and I are going to get together soon.

Had my car looked over by the dealer yesterday, as suggested by Shawn, and everything looked great. Yay!!! I have been wanting to take my car to the car wash, but that's not happening soon with all this impending rain.

Some musical thoughts:
- Lady Antebellum had the best Grammy performance the other night with "Need You Now" --- I do think the song is waaaaaay too overplayed and is grating on my nerves. I am glad for their success, though. Currently it is the #1 song on iTunes.

- Alejandro is my new favorite Lady Gaga song
- This song is annoyingly catchy, and waaaaaaaay overplayed on 1043 MYFM.

Family is going pretty well. My aunt has made some major screw ups and not produced the documents asked of her by our lawyer, and the court, which obviously doesn't favor her. My grandma still hasn't been buried. Remember, my grandma died September 19, 2009. It is pure disgusting. Right now we don't care whether my grandma is cremated or buried as long as she ends up with her husband where he is buried. My mom is really under a lot of stress and anxiety dealing with this.

My sister is up at 4:45a.m. most days and gone until 7p.m. I never see her. When I do see her, she is usually on her best behavior as mom has made it clear she won't tolerate any nonsense. We do have our usual arguments over where and what to eat. Last week after getting allergy shots we were going out to eat. She didn't want California Pizza Kitchen because it is disgusting pizza and she only likes cheese, we couldn't eat at a steakhouse because they have bland steak, and we couldn't eat at Olive Garden because they have yucky noodles. So annoying. (Hint: I need a nice guy who will actually take me out and let me experience variety... haha.) That seems to be the extent of that. She did fail 2 classes in her fall semester and took 1 over during the winter quarter. With all of her free time and no job I question how she can fail.

My dad's health is getting somewhat better as he was FINALLY diagnosed last month after 2 years of arguing and fighting with Kaiser and the VA. The VA were surprisingly the ones to find the problem. He is on pills for the problem and surgery may be in the future. The surgeries that my dad had last year were only part of the problem, but never fully corrected the problems. He is hoping to be retired this year by the VA.


A Lewis said...

It sounds like you have a lot of things going on in your life and family right now -- I wish you clarity in sorting things out and a level head at keeping cool. Hugs.

Aek said...

Wow, lots of things going on with ya. Glad you're doing alright, busy though you might be.