Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cologne shopping

Went cologne shopping today and narrowed it down to a couple scents...

D&G Le Bateleur 1
Armani Acqua di gio (the smell drives me wild)
Guess Man

I don't like the following- they didn't smell good on me/weren't what I was looking for:
CK Free
CK Eternity
Bulgari Aqua (smelled horrid on me)
Diesel Fuel for Life

I tend to like the fresh, citrus like scents. The wood scents smell good on me, but I like something fresh and citrusy. I have a 15% off coupon at Macys.


Anonymous said...

Check out some of the scents from Penhaligons (Scent Bar by Lucky Scent 8327 Beverly Blvd), Creed (Niemans, Saks, Nordstroms), Floris(LA Fragrances, 16130 Gothard St), and Santa Maria Novella (8411 Melrose Place).

Someday buy something for your mother at Santa Maria Novella, they have some great products.

Also, check out these two fragrances by Hermes, Eau de Orange (ultimate citrus), and Terre (smokey woody citrus)

Cash said...

Zegna, John Varvatos, Joe Malone, BVLGARI AQVA, Lacoste Essential . . . Some good ones.

Anonymous said...

Did you look in Sephora's? They have a shitload of nice scents there. Everything from $45 to $200+ a bottle.

Alan said...

If you are cologne junkie or even minimally interested in getting something decent that fits you, check out More information about it than you ever dreamed existed.

Anonymous said...

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