Friday, February 19, 2010

Fixtures, sex, and sleeping

headed over to The Guy's at 3:30 Thursday. He took the day off work and I had just finished tutoring. He had originally told me to come over about 8, but we know 8 really means 3.

When I arrived the construction workers had just left. The Guy was playing Everquest on the computer. He did that for about an hour I'd guess before we had to go get the dogs. In the car on the way, it was quiet. He told me about how he was staying in the most expensive hotel, he rented a condo for 2 nights to snowboard, and to board the dogs cost more, but he talked his mom into paying. We get the dogs, confirm the plans with the girl who was running the daycare to have the dogs boarded for the weekend, and take off. The Guy tells me how he has an urge to call Josh. I just said no, Josh is over. We instead discuss his new plan for the bathroom- he is replacing the tub insert with a new one- thank goodness- his other plan was bad, and I told him that on Tuesday. He told me he has the tile plan worked out in the bathroom, which is much better than his plan from the other day.

Back at the house he plays some EQ2 while waiting for the tile and granite cutter to come. I hang out in the office with the dogs while he is here, which is about an hour. I kill time on my phone.

We snack on a sandwich that he bought from Trader Joes for each of us. Mine was a roast beef wrap. His was an Asian wrap. We do some tidying up in the office, then he decides we should go swim. He had told me that earlier. I knew he just wanted to get out. We go up to the country club and check in. We change in the locker room. We go out to the cold pool. I do pretty well. I can swim about half of the olympic sized pool before my arms get tired. I wish I were a better swimmer. You'd think I'd have better strength up there given that I work out. Oh well. I was really having a hard time after my 3rd lap in the pool. My arms were tired and I stopped in the middle of the pool and just wanted to stop. I was panting and working myself up into an asthma attack. I was having a hard time breathing being there in the middle of the pool. I really tried my best to take deep breaths, catch my breath, and then made it back to the original side. I gave up while The Guy did another lap back and forth. I just worked at catching my breath. My chest felt tight. I think part of it was my sort of anxiety with water. I was never a great swimmer, and don't remember the swimming techniques from swimming lessons when I was a kid.

We go into the hot tub and The Guy tells me "he's going to call him (Josh)," and I said "no." We discuss random stuff- how nice the bathroom will now look. He tells me how he thinks he needs a digital medicine cabinet that has a display of everything inside, and he talked about all the computer equipment needed to do that, and how it wouldn't be hard. I tell him about my neighbors putting a 24'' TV in their bathroom with Direct TV, but how they left wiring everywhere. He brings up the topic of speakers somehow, and I remind him that he is supposed to hook me up with his speaker guy to tell me what to get for my car. He said he thought he had promised me speakers. I told him no, just need to know what to get. He said that I should make an appointment, then he relented after talking it through, and said that he will probably be upgrading his stereo with some new amp or something, so he would give me that stuff, and I would just have to pay for installation, or something like that. He reminded me how he likes to give stuff to friends who will get value out of his old stuff that really isn't old.

On the way back, The Guy tells me that this week has been really hard. He is still not over Josh. He was being very serious and talked about how if Josh were gay, he probably wouldn't treat The Guy any better. He talked about how he is hurt that Josh can just block him out of his life. He talked about how that isn't the case with us, and we constantly have that urge to call each other. He said he has the urge to call Josh and it is only a matter of time before he slips. He then turns into a joking mood and asks what I would do if he did. He asked if we had a Law & Order thing going on and I said we would, then he determined the only way they'd find I was the one who disposed of The Guy was through my semen because semen never lies... lol... but I'm not going to do that...

We get back in time to have a few more bites of our sandwich, then his friend Matt showed up at 10p.m. I met Matt, and I think he was the last guy I had a threesome with- the last time I had one with The Guy. He had asked me earlier in the night if I was comfortable with it, and I said yes.

The Guy feeds the dogs, and his new husky is taking forever to eat. Matt and I stand around watching. Matt looks like he is falling asleep. The Guy suggests we go in and undress. We go in his bedroom, lock the door, and then undress. Matt is at the foot of the bed and I'm at the side. It could have been hot where we undressed each other. Once we're both undressed I am the aggressive one and move over and put my arm on his chest, then start making out with him. The Guy comes in shortly after and jokes there isn't much action going on. I move down to Matt's dick and suck him while The Guy is leaning over Matt having him suck him. The Guy puts a condom on, lubes up, and comes down to where I am at the foot of the bed sucking Matt and starts getting ready to fuck me. I am nervous as I haven't been fucked since like May or June I think it was (off the top of my head) and am hoping it isn't too painful. It isn't too bad. I suck Matt while being fucked and then The Guy moves on to fuck Matt who is laying on his back. He fucks Matt hard- the bed was moving so fast and loudly. We reposition ourselves and Matt and I begin making out and feeling each other up. The Guy has to piss, so he does that. I tell Matt during this time to lay on me, and he does. The Guy comes back with a condom and lubes it up and tells Matt to ride me. He does this for maybe 30 seconds, but it felt good. The Guy fucks me again as I lay on my back next to Matt, then flips me over and I'm on my stomach. He fucks me much harder than I remember, and it almost hurts. He stops when I'm moaning and groaning really loudly. Thankfully. Matt is fading fast, so The Guy decides to call it a night while we are still ahead. Matt tries to jack off, but gives up. I jack myself off, then join The Guy in the shower.

The Guy orders his bathroom fixtures after the shower on Home Depot's website. He talks about how everyone said this project has doubled in price- everyone said it would cost about, but it doubled because he buys top quality, top of the line everything. He talked about how he always buys the best. After ordering the parts, he plays some EQ2 again. I'm annoyed as it is getting really late, and he wants to game. He does this for like 15-20 minutes, then I think he got my point that I was annoyed as I kept getting up to go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. He decided he should pack. I help him gather everything. He takes a bunch of t-shirts, 1 pullover sweater, his ski jacket and pants, and tons of t-shirts, and a few pairs of jeans. I joke how he packs so heavily. Seriously, I am the lightest packer, but I'm always overprepared. And I don't necessarily feel he was well prepared for Utah's 35 degree weather for the next few days. We probably spend an hour getting all of his clothes, software, and everything ready to go. Then he has to download an alarm to wake us up. He used a computer alarm that is networked to his bedroom speakers, his phone, texted his friend Dan to call us, and had me set my alarm. Overkill much? He said he was the kind of guy to sleep through alarms. I laughed. I couldn't. He also set the alarm for 4a.m., which when we were getting to bed at 1 was not cool. I thought it was a little early, but I was thinking about me in any case- I have my clothes already laid out and it is a matter of throwing them on and putting everything in the car, but not The Guy. He had to play around in bed with the dogs, shower, make sure he had everything, put on moisturizer cream, pick up dirty clothes around the house, and inject himself with his hormone thing.

It was nice laying next to him in bed. I slept on the left and he slept on the right side. His dog got the middle, but there was some shifting and adjusting. The Guy ended up next to me, which I liked because it just felt more intimate. I probably took an hour to get to sleep, then slept really light, as The Guy and his dog both snore. We woke up to the Glee Soundtrack playing "Don't Stop Believing," and The Guy sprouted up in bed acting the song out. It was hilarious. We sang as he showered and made little dance moves.

AND this song sounds incredible on The Guy's stereo system. I wish I could mimic it with my computer. Dang. I do have to say that was the most unusual, funny sound to wake up to, the whole dunt dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...

I took him to the airport at 4:45 and we arrived about 5:02. On the way there we heard the news on KOLA 99.9, and they did the Pledge of Allegiance after, and sang the National Anthem. He joked how that was a bit much, or something to that effect. I actually burst out into laughter as it was going on. Shame. I'm going to hell, I know. I pull up to the curb, drop him off, and help get his snowboard, laptop, and bag out of the car. I was sad to see him go. As I'm driving back I hear GO COUNTRY 105, KFROG 95.1, and MYFM (I think) do the pledge, as well as sing the National Anthem or Star Spangled Banner. I shoot The Guy a text about how we're unpatriotic or something because I heard it 3 times. He said "lol" and thanked me for taking him.

He's landed in Utah now, and I'm heading to work. I came back to his place to wait for the dog lady to come pick up the dogs.


My Time said...

Sounds like you had a great day.
Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

A threesome! O.o

Next time turn off your phone. :P

Aek said...

You and your sex exploits . . . a part of me is jealous. >_>

35 degrees in Utah . . . it was about 35 here today, and I was walking around without a coat cuz it was so warm, hahaha. All I had was my white coat on (which is by no means a winter coat). :-P

I know you've mentioned that The Guy did this before, but why does he inject himself with hormone? Unless it's indicated by his doctor, that sounds very shady and dangerous. And he also kinda really needs to get over Josh already.

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