Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 jobs

I have applied for 2 jobs in a more northern region of California just outside of the Bay Area. Hey, I don't take chances, and a friend encouraged me to apply. Both would be dream jobs- minus the location. I can only ask myself 20 questions like I do in everything: what if I do get this job, would I take it; could I see myself living here; am I willing to take the leap; how accepting of being gay is the area; would I even take the interview if I were offered one? LOL... that's how I think...

At least I applied.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Go for it!

Bruce said...

You should go on the interview if it is offered. It is valuable experience on interview techniques and situations. I will only help on other interviews. Besides, if they like you, they might have friends or former colleagues in places you do want to live in. Networking is always good!!

Stephen Chapman said...


A quick reminder to say that the next '5 on the fifth' is a few days away.

This months sees the 25th month of this little photo challenge.

Hope you can take part.


Mike said...

@ fan of casey: Already applied.
@ Bruce: I'm definitely taking the interview if offered. I want the experience.

Anonymous said...