Thursday, June 30, 2011

Songs that I spend my days listening to

This has made it onto his iPod and I'm enjoying it

BTW Leona Lewis looks so different everytime I see her. I thought she was black and here she looks white. I'm just saying. No judgement- she's pretty.

I disliked this song at first, but it got sexy suddenly, and well, country boys can shake it for me. That's my version. And well, Luke is sexy, period.

Spend my days listening to newly discovered bad music like this that I can't wait to turn the dial on as fast as i can. Jason Michael Carroll is back with a new single called Numbers that is so-so-bad. Oh, and thank goodness he got a haircut.

I listen to the oddness in this song and sit in amazement as I listen to the lyrics... "never liked crow, but baby i ate it"

Awesome new song and band- check them out!

Oh, and I've been disappointed with anything I've heard Lady Antebellum put out lately. Boo.

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