Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here kitty, kitty

- 3:30pm I arrive at Mike's after helping mi madre at school and picking up my sister's car
- We get in the car almost immediately to go to Fresh & Easy
- In parking lot we circle a few times to find a spot- there were plenty open... lol
- Get lots of veggies and random pastas... he kept telling me to "get stuff" and I argued I needed inspiration if I were to make something
- I enjoy a 56g of sugar strawberry lemonade from a bottle as we leave... sugar high!
- In the car we break open the baked salted chips since I was starved
- We eat stuffed mushrooms we bought from the clearance and a $1.64 margharita pizza, which was quite good
- Watch "The Glee Project" since it recorded where we thought Rocco's Dinner Party was... he started to Tivo it... grrr
- Watch a few more Tivo items
- Mike makes a salad with asparagus, lettuce, and fake chicken for our meatless Monday... it didn't exactly taste like chicken
- Talk about his need for a kitty
- Lots of tickling and cuddling
- Watch Gordon Ramsey's Masterchef, Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother
- Bed about 10

- Up at 7:30
- Shower
- He works on his expense reports
- I make each a slice of toast
- Watch TV and play around on iPad
- Crunch on a few baked cheese puffs
- He teases the cats about needing another cat, a brother, a sister, or even a dog
- He asked if my sister called to say she missed me or anything like that and I said no, she's not that nice. He laughed. He asked if she was upset I had her car and I said daddy was more than willing to let her use his, so on the whole, no. He didn't look at the damage that was mostly able to be buffed out from my sister's supposed spin out because it didn't look bad from afar. I told him you have to get up close and if you were to open the doors on the car on the right side they now make a bad sound as you open them. He said I'm just to hard on her. Her car needed shocks in the front I mentioned and how she didn't know, he said I'm just being hard on her because she's a girl. LOL. He thinks I'm abusive toward her... lol... he said it playfully.
- We go to lunch at Subway
- The workers are making several 3 foot long party subs and it takes forever... we got there in time, though, as the people were still trying to get their food that came in after us as we were leaving
- Go to Petsmart and look at the little kittens... no cat carrier in the convertible... he did have the cat carrier out this weekend when he texted me on Sunday about being at Petsmart
- We leave Petsmart after he admires, oohs, and aaahs at the cats
- He tells me how he needs a chihuahua to take with us... it could travel with him... it could sit in the center console as we drive in the convertible. I told him it was a dumb chihuahua who would bark at everything as we go by. He said he would get a muzzle. I questioned if he, the animal rights activist would really do that. I said it would probably try to jump from the car and break its leg. He talked about how it wouldn't jump up high to eat the cat's food, it would play with the cats, its so much smaller than the cats. I said his antisocial cat wouldn't like it. I said the antisocial cat didn't need a friend. He said he thinks a little kitten would bring out the motherly instincts in it. I pretty much vetoed, but told him how cute he was when he talked about how he wanted one. Back at his place he tries to show me the chihuahua online, but couldn't find it.
- So to get or not to get a kitty... or a chihuahua... hmmmmmmmmmmm... we shall see... he has 2 cats already... he likes them since they take care of themselves... should I give in? I just don't want to be with the crazy cat guy... lol... and it could well become that... hahaha... he's cute
- Take off at 3:30
- Meet family at 4 for allergy shots
- Dad makes steak at home... yummmm
- Hit the gym tonight and run into Jack Off Buddy's boyfriend, the counselor from school where I did my student teaching and get to talk to both, which was nice.
- Relaxing at home getting recipe inspiration

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Your sis is the one that abuses you, not the other way around.

Did you see the recent "Hoarders" show? The lady had like 50 cats and the other guy profiled had 2,000 "pet" rats. They had to basically destroy the inside of the house to get all the rats out. Yikes!