Monday, June 13, 2011

She doesn't travel light

She booked a $1,700 first class roundtrip ticket to see her best friend in New York. My parents couldn't tell her otherwise. Finally my mom convinced my dad to call and change my sister's seat to a coach seat. Damn. I was enjoying her stupidity.

Then sister gets out the monsters, our giant suitcases, to get ready for the trip. I ask her if she is thinking of putting it in the overhead compartment or doing checked luggage. She said she doesn't need her luggage checked. I meant was she going to carry the suitcase onto the plane or get it at baggage claim. She said baggage claim. I told her that since hers is a multi-stop trip, she is stopping in Chicago on the way back to meet up with a friend to see a Cubs game, that for each leg of the trip it was $25 to have her luggage handled at the airport. Her response was, "they're not going to charge me that because they like me." Who the hell is they? I can assure you they don't like her.

I've watched random items my sister has toted to her suitcase and laughed. She takes entire new tubes of toothpaste, a new 32 ounce container of shampoo and 32 ounce conditioner, a big bottle of hairspray, and a bunch of bottled water. I asked where she was going and how she was going to get through airport security. She started shaking and broke down in tears telling my mom that I told her she was a failure, yet my mom was in the same room next to me, and said that I had a point.

My sister came in crying that someone would steal her luggage if she didn't have luggage locks on it. I asked if the locks would really prevent someone from stealing her luggage, or if it were the contents in it. I also explained she probably wouldn't want locks because she was going to be going through airport security, have to undo the suitcase, carryon, and so when/where was she going to need these? If she were going to be staying in a hotel there may be a reason...

I'm going to laugh tomorrow as we take her to the airport drop her off, and she has some issue getting through airport security, or some other snafu.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Your sis is absolutely clueless about travel restrictions and security requirements. Has she been living under a rock all these years? Despite that, I'm surprised your parents trust her enough to let her fly on her own. Wow! And she should get those locks where the TSA have a set of duplicate keys so they won't have to cut them off when inspecting her checked baggage.

Mike said...

I am surprised they're letting her go too.

I've traveled with the locks when I was younger when all I'd hear from my mom was how important they were, but they never ended back up on the suitcase, so I gave up. I figure most everything I own is insured.

Mind Of Mine said...

Your sister seems to very naive to a lot of situations. Have you ever wondered why that is?

The fact that she thought the airport would not charge her because they 'liked' her is very odd.

Have you ever sat down with your parents to discuss your sisters irrational and immature behaviour.

Mike said...

@ Mind of Mine: I wonder why. My mom knows my sister is immature and irrational and knows she is bound to have a wake up call one day- and when it happens, shit will hit the fan. Oh, and she did downsize her bag, but they wouldn't let her carry it on and had to pay the baggage fee. I tried. I'm not all that bad of a guy.

Aek said...

Silly sister. Let her make her own mistakes. She'll hopefully learn quickly enough.