Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An unlikely ally

Linda had a dentist appointment today at my dentist- because she has to go to the dentist her best friend - my mom goes to. She wanted to do lunch with my mom afterward. My mom informed us the entire family was going. We went to Panera, which Linda had never been to. While there my sister talked and talked and talked and talked some more. She talked about New York, her trip to Chicago, and her colleague who was a transexual and her girlfriend. My sister said she went to a bar that was LGBT friendly. Naive Linda had never heard of that and asked what it was. My sister explained and Linda was shocked to learn that these people needed an acronym or even a gay friendly bar since this kind of violence doesn't go on. My sister stopped her and said that it does even in California. Linda said she couldn't believe that, it was a disgrace, people's inside lives/sexuality shouldn't matter. These people are the ones who are being discriminated against by other people and she doesn't understand what goes on in the bedroom should not matter. She said it much more eloquently, but I got the gist.

This surprised me. This is Linda. Linda is a devout Catholic. Linda is at church 2-3 times a week. Linda was the one who didn't know what an STD was. Linda is the one who needs a lot of sexual references/innuendos explained to her.

I know i was uncomfortable as I sat there with this conversation and played with the order number pole while she said this.

She knows about me I'm sure. Hopefully this helped open my mom's ears.


fan of casey said...

Mike: This is really good news. When your mom has to really face the realities, she is going to turn to her friends for advice and with Linda there being supportive, it's going to be difficult for your mom not to feel compassion for you. Ultimately her love for you will triumph over other concerns.

Aek said...

She sounds supportive. And having someone like her close to your mom should help too. Also sounds like, in her own (tiny) way, your sister's not quite so bad after all, lol.

Mike said...

@ fan of casey: It is great news!
@ Aek: My sister is that bad. HAHAHA Yay for Linda, though.

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