Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 days together

- get to Mike's about 5. He makes the fish and mini potato supper for us
- go to Best Buy after dinner so I could get an iPad case
- back at his place we watch SYTYCD
- bed about 10:30

- up at 7
- cuddle, shower
- he runs to the dentist for his retainers and I hang out at his house eating some toast and do the dishes
- he has a couple calls
- go to vegan Chinese food place for lunch. The meal was not what we had imagined. The vegetarian chicken reminded me of the frozen section's Banquet Salisbury Steak
- Hang out a little more at his place
- Go out to dinner at the steakhouse we like... we were going to try Fleming's Steakhouse, but at 5pm the Happy Hour was PACKED and it had just started
- At dinner we discuss what movies made him go vegetarian and sugar contents. I learned the sugar packet rule as well as things like there are what equates to nearly 17 sugar packets in a Mcdonald's Strawberry Lemonade or sweet tea. I'm now obsessed with sugar... lol. Sugar is how Mike is convinced you lose weight, and how people forget that.
- Back at his place I fall asleep on the couch while we watch SYTYCD
- Bed about 1:30am?

- Up at 7
- He has a call in the morning, so handles that while I lounge in bed on my iPad and iPhone.
- Get dressed and shower
- Take off for a couple hours to see my dad/family
- Back at Mike's about 4pm... traffic was miserable.
- We go to New York Grill in Ontario for Happy Hour. We were disappointed by the poor quality- he would have rathered the more expensive appetizer menu- and I agree.
- I sipped on a glass of wine I really liked, a riesling from BV Vineyard in Napa, which we found was owned by Nabisco and is now owned by Guiness... Mike said it was made by Nabisco... no wonder I liked it. LOL.
- Buy tickets to see "Super 8," which he decides is just a modern day ET
- Go back to his place and hang out

- Up about 9... we cuddled and played around first
- Eggs with salsa for breakfast and toast
- He says he is going to wash the car and then suddenly we are in the car for a day out and about
- We wind up down in Fontana at a self serve car wash that was packed, so we skip it
- He asks if I want to go to San Diego, Orange County, or LA. I said OC. We hit traffic on the 91 heading to the OC. He decides Laguna is too cold. He asks how far it is to LA Farmer's Market.
- Punch that in the navigation and we are off. He was hesitant as we drove that it was too touristy. I said it was touristy and locals, but I had hesitance as I responded because I know he doesn't like crowds
- Park and walk around the farmer's market
- Stop at a Spanish place called Little Spain that I highly recommend. Their fideua was soooooooooooooooo delicious. That's what Mike had, and I liked his better than my meat sandwich. Mine was good, but his was DIVINE. He told the waitress it was fantastic. And it was.
- Walk around The Grove and look at iPad and other accessories in Nordstrom... expensive...
- Back in the car we drive to Santa Monica, then south and hit LAX, then continue south passing Doc Weiler State Beach, then Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, until we wind up in the middle of Palos Verdes Peninsula.
- Stop at Starbucks and kill time on our iPads while looking out at the water
- Back in the car we wind through the refineries in Torrance and make our way home
- I'm googling on my phone sugar contents in desserts we like since I was wanting that. We decide Pink Berry is safe as they have the equivalent of 4-5 sugar packets in their yogurts, which is small compared to many other options. The caramel salted yogurt hits the spot. We both had it.
- Back at his place we hang out, watch some random show, then both fall asleep on the couch

- Up at 8ish
- Shower
- He does laundry and runs the vacuum
- I fall asleep on the couch while he plays around on his computer about 11
- We head to Pancho Villa's to try their Sunday buffet, but it was a 45 minute wait, so we head to a place called Viva Villa that was super delicious instead. He had a coke. A Mexican coke. He doesn't drink soda. Hahahaha
- I take off about 2pm as my family wanted to see me
- Come home to a mostly complete house... new couch is here, bookcases are in, desk is in, mom's yarn is somewhat under control
- Heading to the gym shortly


Mind Of Mine said...

Sounds like fun was had. Do you look forward to the day when you can introduce him to your parents.

fan of casey said...

Mike: Life is a continuos adventure for you. Do you ever stop moving?

Anonymous said...