Friday, June 3, 2011

Waking up and saying I love you

Mike had told me yesterday to call him when I was done with my appointment and we would do dinner.

Doing dinner meant we were thinking about the seafood place we like in Palm Desert, but we took a detour. I got to his place and we headed out shortly after. We cruise down the 10 and he said he wondered if Morongo, the big 30 story Indian Casino had a Happy Hour. I try to google it and view their website on my phone and iPad simultaneously only to find they may. We do a u-turn, head back to the casino, then up the 30 or so stories to the top where the bar/restaurant is. The bar/restaurant had a disappointing view in all honesty as it was blocked by the tall booths. Why have a skyview restaurant with no view? The bar was dead. We were 2 of 4 people there during happy hour- happy hour was only drinks 50% off. They were VERY reasonable, but only drinks were half off, and appetizers were $15-20. We were disappointed.

We said we should probably do the buffet we saw when we came in. He is anti-buffet, but we decided to try it. The buffet is $10 off if you sign up for a club card, so we did. We get plates, then find food. He does the stir fry. I do the mussels, mushroom risotto, and a few pasta dishes since it was pasta night. It was only $1.03 for the buffet after the $10 credit. The cookies at the dessert bar were AMAZING. He educates me at dinner about players cards and their importance, and why didn't I have one since I had been there before. I asked why we never got them in Vegas when we played. He smiled. No response. At dinner we talk about family and the Pala buffet I went with my cousin and family to a few weeks back. He asked if I was ever in a serious relationship and I tell him, then he said he has no problem meeting my family and we could plan a dinner. He asked if I am at that comfort level and I was shocked for a moment- and I said I would have no qualms about introducing him to my family. He said anytime I'm ready we will plan a dinner. I will probably wait until things die down with the school and family drama my mom is facing... or maybe now this is a good time with so much on her plate she won't have time to think/process it... LOL. He asked where my mom was and I said she was probably in denial- she knows what is going on and that I have a boyfriend - and every conversation we have had lately about my trips have started "as long as you are happy" type deal.

We stop at the Tumi store at the outlets and don't find anything. I NEED A TUMI ORANGE LAPTOP BAG that I can replace my Fossil bag with. They didn't have any of the orange ones anymore. Boo. I want the bag that can be opened to show the laptop too, which was so cool.

Back to Mike's place. We enjoy each other and tickle each other occasionally. We get back to his place and watch Top Chef or something and So You Think You Can Dance. I develop a headache and go to the car to get massive pills to remedy that. All good. I sort of almost doze, but manage to stay awake. We head to bed about 10:30-11. I sat my alarm for 7 because I got called to sub on the last day of school.

My alarm sounds at 7, as does his. We open our eyes, kiss, then I get up. I shower and dress. I grab my wallet, phone, and walk over to the bed to kiss him. He says he loves me as he kisses me, and I walk out. I lock the door and head to work.

Subbed 3rd grade for a teacher who was at her son's graduation from 8th grade. Easy day. Nice little kids. No more work this summer :-(. Boo to no summer pay and having a boyfriend.

Oh, and I wanted to say that our discussion about education the night prior ended rather calmly- he basically told me he is there to support me, be a part of the solution, not the problem.


Phunk Factor said...

"Boo to no summer pay and having a boyfriend."


Cheap dates can be fun too, u know...or u two can just stay in and cuddle ;)

fan of casey said...

Mike: Not a real fight then . . . no make up sex! :-)

But him wanting you to introduce him to your parents, that's a big step forward . . . and very promising that he wants to be out in the open with your relationship. Probably would be good to shake your mom out of her denial too if she can see what a wonderful couple you make and to counter all those negative stereotypes she may still be harboring.

Aek said...

Woah, meeting the family, big step! Sounds like you're at a good place. Your sister might throw a fit, but whatever. :-P

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