Saturday, June 4, 2011

Planning air travel

Met Mike back at his place around 5:30. I was aiming for 5 as that is when he said, but there was a tire blocking the traffic lanes on the freeway heading to him and the CHP ran a break to get it out of the way, which caused me to be late.

He was looking at his computer when I arrived at movies. He suggested we do sushi and a movie. As he was searching he scanned the headline that the concert we were going to this Monday night, Adele, had been canceled and rescheduled. We were both heartbroken and mourned a few minutes. My best friend texted me as we were sitting there and I texted him back. I told him I was looking at airfare and how ridiculous it was. To go to my best friend's wedding in July it will be $509 on Southwest, $598 on Continental, $878 on Delta. I told him that I wanted to go, but that was a huge chunk of money. He said I wasn't going to pay $500 to go, especially on Southwest. I told him I was because I am expected to be there and I want to see him get married. He said he would let me use one of his free tickets on Southwest or refund his old travel vouchers that expired. I asked if he was sure and he said yes, he claimed $500 was simply too much for any US travel. I thank him and he decided to let me just use his new mileage from the Southwest Rewards Program. I thank him and give him a hug. It only cost me $30, which we applied to my credit card. A huge load off of my shoulders. I plan to get Mike a thank you while I'm on the trip, or a little something, maybe an iPad accessory to thank and give to him when I get back from the wedding. Then we got in the car to go.

We ended up at a sushi place on the opposite side of Victoria Gardens that was pretty good. I updated him on my day- my warning ticket, the chaos at my house with my dad assembling a bookcase, the contents of my parents bedroom in the living room, still no electricity in half of the house including my parents bedroom and my bedroom, extension cords everywhere. The house is being rewired Tuesday. We enjoy our beers. I try the asahi beer. We had the big sushi plate with 3 types.

We then head down to Ontario Mills to see "Bridesmaids." It was amusing. The theater was packed. Very full. It was a cute movie. Many laughs.

We go back to his place and fall asleep on the couch. We watch one of the chef shows, then about 1:30 we both wake up. I wake up around 12:45am when my sister texted asking if I was coming home. I texted her no, and fell asleep until 1:30 or so.

We wake up around 7:30 and cuddle. We get up, shower, and then eat breakfast. We discuss our future travel plans and possibly a friend of his who lives in the area serving as our tour guide/going on the trip with us. This will be one of my dreams come true...

Went to a graduation party for my little 8th grade cousin this afternoon, so I left Mike's at 11. Hot links, hamburgers, a spicy spinach dip, fruit and veggie tray, and lots of cake. My aunt and uncle bought my sister and I our own individual cakes to celebrate our graduation that are 1/4 sheet, so pretty good size. She had my cousin research our school colors, and the colors were airbrushed to the cake. I have an awesome black and red cake. I wasn't expecting that. The party was fun. Lots of catching up, talking about the job search, the 9 apps I've submitted so far, work, and school, and the topic of my masters thesis.

Mike invited me back to his place tonight, but I'm helping my parents with Netflix, relaxing, and catching up in my life. We'll be back together tomorrow to plan our air travel.


TYinSD said...

Damn, you guys are definitely in a relationship! :)

Sounds like everything is going well man!

Aek said...

Hurray for being able to make it to a wedding! Those are important things. Sounds like things worked out pretty well. :-)

fan of casey said...

Mike: Very nice of your BF to enable your wedding trip, you gotta show your appreciation with some extra loving. ;-)

Closet said...

YUCK, Sushi. LOL. Glad you got the air trip planned. I paid $301 ONE WAY from Vegas, OMG, used to fly round trip for $160. Talk about inflation.

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