Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gonzo's Wedding and spending time together

- ran errands like target, gassed up car, dropped off forms at district office and met Mike at 3ish
- go to happy hour at PF Changs. It was a sad hour. Street tacos were disappointing, dim sum was ok, margaritas were ok
- talked about father's day and mike told me if I don't have a job in August he bought me a plane ticket to go home with him to meet his parents
- went to old navy, mike got a few shirts
- stop at Fresh and Easy for food, get cookies to bake that I made later in the evening. They turned out chewy.
- watch Top Chef finale and SYTYCD
- bed about 10:30

- woke up at 7:30
- shower
- leave Mike's to head to acupuncture about 10am
- take my dad to dealer to get sister's car serviced
- left my wallet at Mike's, which made getting checked in at acupuncture difficult. And the fact I was speeding around SoCal and drove through several speed traps
- head back to Mike's about 4
- kill time on our iPad and computers
- Mike starts on dinner: cod in panko bread crumbs, delicious heirloom tomatoes in basil, salt, and pepper, carrots and squash medley
- we both get drunk and touchy over sangria
- watch random tv like SYTYCD
- tickle each other a lot and play fight... at one point he's on top of me, I pull him on the sofa, then clobber him and tickle him before he pushes me back and tickles me
- bed about 10. Watch Hot in Cleveland and Frasier
- play around some as I was going crazy. Lol


- up at 8:30
- shower
- breakfast of toast with peanut butter
- kill time on our iPads looking at huffington post and our upcoming vacation
- Watch TV, eat leftovers from the night before
- Sister texts me about her dilemma. Sis bought a ticket Monday or Tuesday to go to Chicago. She didn't make it clear she was leaving out of Chicago to my parents- we just have her flight number, but we didn't research it to know. Sister calls to say her flight was canceled due to weather. My dad calls to ask if I could find my sister another flight. I told him no. I told him if it was weather related she is not going to have much luck on another airline. My dad said, still, he wanted me to try. Um. No. His daughter, his mess, he could try. Sister broke down in tears, lots of waterworks, was told her flight would leave at 1:30 Saturday. Her friend and her friend's boyfriend bought their tickets prior and had the ability to purchase/change their tickets. Sister's friend got on a flight on a different airline, her boyfriend ended up on the flight with my sister... or that was what was supposed to happen. My dad fought with Continental and got a refund on my sister's nonrefundable ticket. Then he paid $565 -THAT I KNOW MY SISTER WILL NEVER HAVE TO PAY BACK- to get her to Chicago so they could see the Yankee games. My sister's debit only debit card would not work to buy her ticket.
I drove home to take my dad to the car dealer to get my sister's car and after my dad gave her the ticket information she had broken down in tears saying that she was being paged over the speaker, the door was closing, and she was going to miss her flight. She missed her now rebooked flight. My dad called Southwest and was somehow able to get her on a flight an hour or os later to Chicago.
- I had told Mike about that as I was at his house, how I wasn't going to help, it was my dad's issue. He seemed as skeptical about the whole incident as I was. When I got back to his place I told him about the new drama of her missing her rescheduled flight on Southwest.
- Mike was in a pair of shorts like he wears around the house lounging and changes. We go out looking for dinner
- We drive Route 66 through several cities and try to find something that appeals to us. We decide on Mexican or pizza. I tell him Mexican, then switch and say I want pizza. Then we settle on pizza, but he claimed I told him it was down a different street that he was not on. I told him maybe I did make a mistake, but I knew where it was and could get him there. We go to the NY pizza place The Guy and I used to go. My NY pizza expert said it was only ok- it was good for a local shop. We get ice cream next door afterward.
- We relax on the couch when we get home, he plays AirTycoon on his iPad, we watch the news, hear the story about Continental/United, and wonder if that was why my sister got a refund so easily on her ticket.
- Bed about 12:30... Mike was obsessed with his game and couldn't put the iPad down
- Lots of tickling each other in bed


- Woke up at 8:30
- Shower
- He decides on more flower boxes for the backyard that he wants to build
- Go to McDonalds
- Go to Lowes for supplies, but they didn't have anything to cut the wood, so he said we would go to Home Depot. We never made it there
- We drive to the housing section across the street, look at what the houses cost, then how from the outside the houses look nice... they're on a golf course... but they have really bad paint/trim that is peeling, major pigeon issues from the nearby garbage dump. We decide those houses aren't so nice.
- Drive around until about 11:15
- Get back to his house, play a little iPad, then I decide I need to head out
- Go home, visit with parents, shower, wrap gift, head to Gonzo's wedding.


- 3pm about 20 miles south of me
- Arrived and everyone was hanging outside the rec center where the wedding was. I wondered if it would be outside- there were no chairs- only an arch. I saw her parents and waved to them.
- Marci, Mrs. C, Mrs. F, and other I knew started showing up, so we hung around.
- The wedding portion was outside, standing, so the preacher invited everyone over. Preacher was a former coworker's dad.
- It was a nice spot for the wedding... very small and intimate feel
- You may kiss the bride
- Gonzo looks sooooooooooooooooooooo happy with her new hubby... I never really saw them together cause it was always she and myself to hang out... only went to Knotts with them a few years back when we chaperoned that field trip... maybe 3-4 years ago.
- File into reception hall
- Sign guestbook
- Find where we sit from hubby's sister's friend
- Marci, Mrs. C, Mrs. F, and all of us are in the back. Lots of talking about good restaurants. Mrs. C knows and has connections at the steakhouse Mike and I like. Mrs. C recommended a happy hour place for Mike and I to try. Talk about the program we used to tutor for, and where Marci, Darla's cousin, and myself were all at
- Mrs. C and her hubby had to leave early :-( miss them!
- There's some dancing, father/bride, mother/son, etc.
- Lots of oldies like the Temptations, Chilites, Temptations, and Marvin Gaye

- Lots of people head outside to take photos with Gonzo
- I do the same and drag Darla's cousin along... get some great pics with the bride who was tired of taking photos
- Go back inside
- Toss the bouquet... Gonzo teases and acts as if she is throwing it and everyone is amused... then the real throw and some girl gets it
- Toss the garter... it was thrown out of range... The second time the guys said that we should split to the side as it was thrown, so we did. Third time his brother said he would catch it, so he did since no one wants to marry soon. Damn, I would have had I had the chance to catch it. LOL
- Dance with Darla to Santana's Maria Maria

- Hang around a few minutes more until everything has mostly wound down

Home now

Told my parents about wedding, my mom just said she wants to meet Mike and proposed a place, but it really isn't what I expected, but will throw it out to him. She said she wants to go with my "friend" and I when we go to a California National Park soon. She just called him a friend, that was her word, and didn't say it weirdly, just matter of factly.

Father's Day with Linda and her husband at 3pm... that's late... no Mike time for me tomorrow.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Woah! Things are moving fast, OM wants to introduce you to his parents. That's huge . . . HUGE! Now don't get all anxious and let your anxiety overtake you, just bask in the beauty of it all.

As for sis, that's a disaster in waiting so not much surprise there.

Gonzo's wedding may be a little bittersweet, you are losing your gal pal but gaining her hubby as a friend. Soon many of your friends will be marrying, it seems to happen around mid 20s -- but who knows? You could be next! ;-)

Mind Of Mine said...

Your Sister really cannot fend for herself in anyway. How does she expect to function when she leaves the nest?