Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Essentials

Ty in SD inspired me to create this list of 10 essentials in my everyday life.

1. My iPhone.
I use my phone for everything- to call, text, restaurant reviews, surf the web, email, translate random Spanish, stay connected to the latest news and entertainment, listen to the music, and watch videos on Netflix. My iPhone just makes everything so easy!

2. My keys
I love to drive and travel. I love to explore new places. My car keys allow me the freedom to go where I want, when I want, and see what I want.

3. Shoes
With over 30+ pair one can say that shoes are a big part of my life. I have lots of colors and a pair to match everything I wear. If I don't have a match to clothes that is permission for me to buy a new pair. I like shoes that are a little whimsical and ones many wouldn't wear because they're unusual looking.

Shoes I purchased at Nordstrom Rack this weekend for $24

4. The Mikebook Pro
My laptop. I do schoolwork and homework from it, manage my finances, pay bills, stay up to date on friends with the internet and email. It is with me everywhere I go, in the car, at work, on my bed, on my couch.

5. My calendar
I have to be organized. I like knowing I have a purpose or task to complete each day. I don't like to miss events. I excel at time management- who else has time to go out as much as I do?

6. A job
It gives me joy and a little money to buy things. It challenges me at times and frustrates me too.

7. Music
Country, oldies, pop, rock and roll- I like it all. I have 2,549 songs on my iPod this morning and easily know of 100 or so more I could use on my Ipod.
7 songs to celebrate music being my #7

8. Pullovers and sweater pullovers are my new essential... preppy and classy. I have a red and black pullover. I would like a nicer black one than the one I have. I have beige and blue pullover sweaters from Banana Republic similar to these. These match so much of my clothes and help me to switch up what I wear. Layering is definitely in. I would love to have a brown one...

So tempted to get the Nordstrom Debit Card.

9. Ole Henriksen Nurture Me
I have EXTREMELY dry skin that is susceptible to flaking, itching, and burning. This stuff applied twice a day works miracles. It is the best thing I have discovered to date, and should be at $40 a pop.

10. NPR and other news websites
NPR often has stories typically not heard elsewhere, which gives me something to talk about with friends and colleagues. And it makes me sound smarter... lol. I like to talk about events, entertainment news, music, current events, and more.


fan of casey said...

Mike: You forgot your shades, that should be on your list. And why do you have a whistle attached to your keys?

TYinSD said...

Thanks for the shout out buddy!

I was also going to put my car on it, since living in SD you have to have one also lol. Liked the sweaters part, have a lot of those also!

Mind Of Mine said...

We share the same show obsession!

Mike said...

@ fan of casey: I got it recently- an office manager at the school gave it to me when I subbed PE. How cool is it? I plan to use it in the near future when subbing PE again. Why haven't I had one all this time? Isn't that an essential for a teacher?

TyinSD: No problem, buddy!

Mind of Mine: Yay!

Anonymous said...