Monday, April 18, 2011

From the desert to the city, to all of Southern California

Brushing hands with celebs was just a part of this weekend...

- Texted and met up with Mike about 12pm
- He asked where I wanted to eat for lunch and I said sandwiches sounded good, so we hopped in his convertible
- Stopped at post office so he could mail all of his expense reports for work
- He had an idea - we went to a Vietnamese baguette place around his house for banh mi... I had a bbq pork banh mi sandwich. $2.99 for an 8 inch, not bad, taste was a-ok
- Drove to Home Goods, Old Navy, and Michaels a few other places a few cities over
- He tried on a pair of pants and polo at Old Navy and I bought an orange polo at Old Navy
- Stopped at a coffeehouse along the way for a cold drink. Sat outside and had our tea/iced coffee, chatted about things we saw go by like the woman with a bad fake tan and her Cadillac Escalade
- Drove down the same stretch of road and his work phone was buzzing... he had to make a few calls, so we pull into a bank so we can do that
- Continue driving and stop at Armstrong Garden to look at the fountains
- I mention a lot of places to go in this city and he tells me a good bar - this is the city where The Guy lives
- I'd mentioned The Guy before as a good friend and texted him since we were in the area... we were planning on stopping in and saying hi. He didn't text back, so we continued exploring
- Drove to IKEA in West Covina to look for picture frames - they had none that would fit
- Drove back and stopped in The Guy's city
- Went to the bar/brewery that is well known in that area. Mike was surprised I'd never been if I spent so much time over there
- Talked about The Guy, friends from school, The Mikes, and a few other topics of friends...
- Ate a tri tip sandwich
- Back at Mike's we watched a few shows on TIVO like The Office
- Mike found Red Box "I Love You Phillip Morris" - BAD SHOW, BAD, BAD, BAD
- Went to bed and played around... this time we became more verbal with each other, which added a new element

- Up around 7
- Got a sub call from 8-11 for PE, so rushed to shower, stopped at McDonalds, and voila
- Played kickball with the kids... and they were excellent
- Dropped off my timecard, got gas, and returned to Mike's
- Heard Lady Gaga's new song "Judas" debut on KIIS FM

- Got back to his place and told him about the song... looked for it on Youtube
- Got ready to leave
- Drove to LA and made good time
- Ate at The Trails Restaurant outside of Griffith Park - interesting, healthy, vegetarian oriented food that was alright
- Planned to go to Griffith Observatory, but it was too crowded and Mike was tired just looking at the parking situation- having to walk up hills
- Drove around the area and went over to Studio City to see where we would need to be later that night
- Looked for a Nordstrom Rack and found one across from the Beverly Center
- As we drove by we saw Jane Lynch at a coffee shop standing out on Melrose
- Nordstrom Rack looked crowded, so we went back to Studio City for Pinkberry
- Got in line at 4 for the taping of "Hot in Cleveland" with Betty White and Valerie Bertenelli
- Chatted with Mike about work and things while waiting, plus celebs, and heard him bitch about how annoying the girl behind us was for her "Knowledge" of celebs and all the studio tapings she had been to
- Were told we probably wouldn't get in... we got in no problem
- While walking into the studio we saw Kirstie Alley who was looking good and really friendly. She waved and thanked everyone for their support as she got into her Range Rover
- Taping was funny - lasted for 3 hours - take 1, take 2, take 3 - scenes were shot in 2-3 minute increments and up to 3 or 4 times dependent on audience response
- Valerie Bertenelli was the sweetest thing interacting with audience in between scenes
- We were served a small sandwich and cookie during the show
- I suggested after the taping we hit up something in Pasadena, but Mike wasn't feeling good about 10pm when we got out, so we drove back to his place
- We both fell asleep watching "Idol" on the couch

- Got up at 8
- Mike asked where to go and I suggested LA/San Diego and named a few places, also mentioned Calico Ghost Town
- He had a different idea - the plane graveyards in Victorville
- Looked up things to do including a village that was in the area that looked to be all on water
- Drove up the 15
- The plane graveyard was waaaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere, but we managed to find it... lots of dirt roads
- Mike's dash was rattling - I didn't think it was the dash, but couldn't pinpoint it. Mike let me drive the convertible while he looked for the rattle on this dirt road we traveled. It was a little metal piece that ended up in the light on his convertible. He opened it up and then we switched drivers to continue our trek over
- Mike gave me some interesting tidbits about 737s and 747s... they were pretty even if from a distance
- Drove up 395 to the Silver Lakes resort that we found on water - it looked like we were in the twilight zone and didn't know what to make of it. Having no cell reception furthered that notion
- Stopped at a restaurant within there for a margarita. The restaurant needed help.
- Continued up 395 and I gave tidbits/told where 395 could take you... a 395 trip may be in the works
- Drove to Calico, which Mike was convinced would be something campy
- As we walked in his mind changed when he saw there was some history with the silver mines. He talked about how he had always just driven by. He thought it looked Knotts Berry Farmish and the signs reminded me that Walter Knott of KBF had owned it
- Took the mine tour train and he said how he wants to come back and with his parents
- It was 5pm and we were hungry... one of the original Del Tacos that Mike's friends raved about? No. They didn't look like anything special as we drove by
- Stopped at Olive Garden where we had salad, the fried lasagna, stuffed mushrooms and calamari
- Talked about prom as we had seen couples come in as we left. Mike asked why they would go to Olive Garden before prom. I said we went to Mimi's Cafe. He asked if food was served at our proms and I told him no. He said that was the difference - it was at his - and it was nice - he said how hokey it was that you go to a restaurant looking so dressed up and all the stares. I said that was just how it is and if he were to go over near his house to the restaurant row on a Friday or Saturday night during this time he would see other prom couples
- Mike told me about his high school and had me google it
- Told Mike about me being curious in high school...
- Stopped at Big Lots
- Drove to Mike's and then to Red Box to drop off Phillip
- Watched "Erin Brockovich" on the couch until bedtime

- Woke up about 8 and Mike played around on his phone
- Showered
- Watched Ina and other cooking shows
- Mike washed the convertible
- Went to the Mexican food place down the street from his house for some truly awful Mexican. I had a disgusting carne asada burrito
- Back to his place and watched Oprah Season 25 and other shows
- Watched Real Housewives, The Judds, Oprah 25,
- Naomi looked fake according to Mike
- Mike made fish, a sliced potato, peas, and a roll
- "Eat your vegetables" was his demand to me... I had an excuse as always... I was busy and eating and enjoying everything else... and I ate half of them... but he piled a lot of food on my plate for a Mike sized portion
- Left about 10pm since my dad needed me here at 6:30am to be here for the roofer
- I got to the bottom of the street and got a call from my dad he took the day off since "some things" happened here at home that he had to deal with
- Got home and everyone was in a sour mood
- All I can say was I was glad I missed the problems


fan of casey said...

Mike: Another whirlwind weekend crisscrossing CA. And you finally tried the banh mi sandwich. I usually go for the combo: ham, steamed pork roll, and pate.

The plane graveyard was a most unusual adventure.

Anonymous said...