Monday, April 11, 2011

Grabby Grabby

Bullet wrap up for the weekend


- Spent the day at home waiting on an electrician to fix the power outage I created
- Texted Mike as he was heading home from his business trip
- Agreed to meet about 5
- 5 turned into 5:30 as I ran into my mom trying to leave the house/helped my dad get new surge protectors and left my house at 4:45
- Get to Mike's and watch some DVR stuff like American Idol
- I don't tell him the controversy about Pia and keep my mouth shut since I thought it was impossible to not hear who was voted off
- He asks what I want for dinner and I say something with cheese... Italian... or pizza... or Italian
- He makes me pick... I tell him of a pizza place in a city or so away and he tells me
- We head over there in the rain and find some street parking only to go in the restaurant and we are both turned off by the idea of order your food, then get a table, and us, only being a party of 2 would have to eat with a big party... who knows what we were going to talk about
- We stop at a couple potential eating places- a Mexican food place that was packed and no tables available, which wasn't cool
- Finally he tells me to call the pizza place my cousin raved about that he said was ok
- Ordered an onion and mushroom pizza... it lacked and needed something else
- Ran around trying to find the Red Box with Phillip Morris... it wasn't at Stater Brothers like the Red Box app said
- Ended up watching his Tivo in the evening
- Bed about 11:30... I initiated sex which was really weird for me... but he gave me hints he wanted it

- Woke up at 7 or 8... pretty early
- Went to Farmer Boys for breakfast... he had never been and was convinced it was a burger place since it has hamburgers in the name on his sign... he would have never gone
- I drive and he treats
- He was impressed overall... totally unhealthy, but delicious
- He had an egg sandwich with lettuce, which he was apprehensive about, but liked the crunch
- Talked at breakfast about the legal battle between my aunt and my family, his dad's situation which is somewhat like that
- In the car they play Enrique Iglesias' song "Tonight I'm Loving You" and I asked if he heard the explicit version, the real version, "Tonight I'm Fucking You." He hadn't. I showed him the video with the nude girls. The song made sense...
- Back to his place to look for something to do... we decide on going to a performance of Evita in Rancho
- He takes me to a steakhouse just off Route 66 that he took his parents to a few years back when he still ate meat
- It is sooooooooooooo disappointing to go to a steakhouse and to not eat meat... let me just say
- Ate in the bar where it was half off everything... good stuff... tasty cosmo, an artichoke (although flavorless- sadness!), stuffed mushrooms, roasted garlic and bread
- Service got really slow so no dessert
- I shared family photos with him from my iPhone- what my parents looked like- he said my dad looked like an insurance representative and my mom was nothing like he pictured
- What's crazy is his parents are about 5 years younger than mine and are more hippy than mine - and mine aren't
- He didn't have family photos... talked about how his family isn't into photos really
- Talked about Easter - though a very Catholic family his family never celebrated
- I told him about the big Easter spectacle in my family
- Talked about how birthdays are big whereas his mom sometimes forgot his... I have his birthday gift... so excited!
- Went to Pink Berry for dessert since I convinced him ice cream is best on cold days
- Then to Evita... got to our seats right as the curtain rose
- I was disappointed with the horrible Spanish, but we had good seats, and they made the show make sense, which if you've seen the movie you may agree with my opinion it is hard to tell what is going on
- I've had Evita stuck in my head all weekend since.... don't cry for me Argentina
- The production was just ok- marginal
- Back to his place where we watched TV in bed in case we decided to get up early to go to the Pasadena Rose Bowl for the flea market
- We watched TV... some show about the relationship between the British parliament and US government
- I initiated again and was more forceful when we did it...

- Up at 7... he swore he was in a different time zone
- Dressed and went to Panera for breakfast - his original idea was Jamba Juice, but the Jamba Juice we were at didn't open until 9 and Panera was next door
- Went to the flea market in his city... it was interesting
- Argued with Mike over chickens and vegetarianism
- Back to his house
- We decide to go to Ontario Mills for Marshalls and Victoria Gardens - I drive
- He looks for luggage since his wheel broke off of his carry on
- We stop at TGI Fridays for fries, spinach dip, a long island for him, and electric lemonade for me
- Talked about cruises, my family, my parents want to go on a cruise, who is liberal and conservative, who drinks and doesn't drink, who could loosen my parents up on a cruise
- Talked about my sister being anti-drinking, how I have drank around my parents a few times, how he didn't drink until later in life
- Wander through the mall and stop in Sephora for moisturizer for me. He teases me about being gay.
- While walking around he could barely keep his hands off me either tickling or poking me
- Stop at Ralphs for mussels, shrimp, and bread
- Back at his place it is nap time
- Watch "Serial Mom" and nap to it
- My nap wasn't that relaxing
- Wake up and Mike makes dinner for us- boullabaise from Food Network
- Caught up on Real Housewives of Orange County, the NBC restaurant show
- Mike thought both times I ran to the restroom- once during the NBC restaurant show and once before bed it would be a good idea to hide outside of the bathroom and scare me. The first time he did it I came out of the bathroom and he was on his knees on the floor and yells BOO!!!!! I get down and wrestle him. Later, I used the bathroom before bed and I heard him running up and down the hall, and I wasn't paying attention- I thought he was in the bedroom. I come out and he is around the corner from the bathroom, comes out, attacks me, yells BOO! He chases me into the bedroom where I grab him and don't let him go.
- Bed about 10:30 since he had an early flight


- Woke up about 2:30am and tossed and turned most of the night... oh, and the cat decided to be an attention whore
- 5:55 is wake up time
- Shower and dress, then say goodbye about 6:40
- Get a text at 6:40 from my cousin telling me I was invited to her birthday weekend in San Diego... only problem is with AT&T I got the text 2 days late... I WAS MAD
- Got called to sub at 8. I subbed elementary school.
- Chatted up The Guy this afternoon after work
- School tonight and my goal is to be done with my masters minus revisions by this Thursday


fan of casey said...

Mike: So why is it weird for you to be initiating sex? You are a take-charge kind of guy so it seems normal for you to take the lead some times.

I find it so cute that OM is playful with you, the scaring you outside the bathroom highlights the ease of your relationship.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it, but did you ever tell your family where you are staying overnight?

Xtremeforce said...

I am confused. I am a new reader to your blog and am loving it. It reminds me of my boyfriend and I. From teh scaring each other, The eating out and the cuddling and watching TV.

So are you guys together? Doesn't seems your parent's know about you? So leads me to my next question uttered by another comment. So where do you tell your parent's your staying?

Mike said...

@ Anonymous: I do tell them- I'll text or email them and tell them I am at his house. I'm not lying. I spoke to my parents twice Saturday and told them I was at his house.

@ Xtremeforce: Welcome, and thanks for reading! We are together and my parents don't know, but they have been exposed to his name MANY times over the past several months.

Anonymous said...
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