Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cruise to Ensenada

Short, in Mike-terms, but still a good trip wrap up

Had a great cruise to Ensenada on the Carnival Paradise
- Text Mike about 9 and meet at 10
- Drive to Long Beach
- Tour Queen Mary... so overrated and not worth $32
- Board ship at 3
- Ship sails at 3:30
- Tour ship, find room - our room is on the 5th floor at the back about 5 rooms from the aft of the boat
- Get drink #1 at the pool, a Corona
- Safety drill
- Tour ship more, go to liquor tasting with free samples of liquor... Mike finds some Irish cream drink to buy and I just taste the Absolut vodkas
- Watch boat as we sail out of the Port of LB
- Martini tasting where we sample 4 martinis
- Dinner where we met our tablemates for the week Airic and Debby
- Waiter was Sandi from Bali
- Dinner was so so
- Mike was VERY social
- After dinner we freshened up for Friends of Dorothy and he told me about how he never knew what it was until he looked it up
- Lots of Disney guys... about 10 at the bar, plus 1 very social guy that came over to invite Mike and initiate us to the group
- It was so cool to say that we were a couple... he thought I was having a hard time, but I wasn't... I have a boyfriend
- Met a nice female friend of one of the gay guys, she called everyone honey, she was a latina girl from the Bay Area
- Went over to Rex, the nightclub where I danced with the girl
- Bed about 1
- Played around some

- Catalina - captain came on at 7:30
- Room service breakfast with toast, fruit medley, apple juice
- Walked around Catalina, ran into the girl and her friend, got a German beer at the place my cousin recommended, walked around more
- Back to ship where we laid out and I listened to music while reading on my iPhone... so fun!
- Office manager called me to sub while we were laying out
- Mike got 2 buckets of beers... we split it between ourselves... 4 a piece
- Sat at main bar and got another drink of day we went in and changed
- Dinner- Airic and Debby weren't there
- Awful comedy show with a guy that offended Mike because he played the race and sexuality issues up and then said to not get mad at him because he is not homophobic when he sounded like he was
- Went to Rex again and I danced Cupid's Shuffle... Mike didn't want to get out and dance... boo... I asked... but I had fun showing him I wasn't scared... LOL
The cupid's shuffle is a basic 32 count... I can do it

- Bed about 12:30
- Played around some

- Ensenada
- Horseback riding
- Got a nice tour on the bus ride up from the worker on the ranch
- Mike and I were at the back as our horses were a little obnoxious... mine was mostly good, but his was slow and the woman made fun of him
- Went to Ensenada and walked around, had carnitas, walked through a few stores, used my Spanish en el restaurante
- Would have been cool to walk around a little more or do a tour, but I enjoyed what we saw and the experience... I'm sure I will visit again... Mike even talked about doing a drive down
- Back at ship we read in the main area
- Dinner
- Watched Game of Love... newlyweds, 25 year married, and 50 year married battle it out... 25 year marrieds knew most

- Day at Sea!
- Up about 9ish
- Breakfast in buffet
- Thought about laying out, but I was too burned and it was too cold
- Walked around to different things like hairy chest contest, battle of sexes
- Read some more
- BINGO! 5 games, punchcard
- The gal in front of us won the first game and then I got bingo in the 5th game. I was 3 numbers behind when there were people only 1 away. I got lucky on the final game. It was a bingo the hardway where I had my bottom line. The last 3 numbers I needed were called in a row. I had the "B" and "I," and needed the N-G-O. I called BINGO shaking my card in the air. I won $100. The gal who got bingo first called it and the attendant said she could have called it a while back... boo... but if she had I wouldn't have got the $100, which was taken off of my ship tab for all my drinks. Splitting $200 isn't bad
- Farewell party with free alcohol... Mike downed 5 glasses of white wine and I had 5 whiskey sours... he was buzzing... I went up on stage to dance the electric slide and got him to go with me
- After farewell party he decided we should go to the bar and he ordered me an amaretto sour and then decided he should learn to smoke a cigar... Mr. Anti-Smoking... he walked over and asked the girls sitting in the bar smoking if they would teach him to smoke, but they were smoking cigarettes... love his bursts of outgoingness
- Back to room where he hid in the closet to try and scare me as i was coming out of the bathroom... he did that a few times on this trip and I screamed... Lots of fun
- On the bed we wrestled and tickled each other
- Walked around each deck of the cruise ship so he could walk off the alcohol... he was trailing behind
- Dinner
- Mike was talking nonstop at dinner... I got a few lines in... Airic and Debby swapped phone numbers with Mike. Mike basically told them we were gay and hinted around it... they were the type to pray around dinner. He told them we were going to go to the comedy show, then Friends of Dorothy, and then dance. They were down with that.
- Comedy show... it was ok... Airic bought us a round of drinks
- Went to Rex Dance Club where Debby and I danced to Just Dance by Lady Gaga
- Asked AIric if he knew about "Teach Me How to Dougie" and how dirty the song was
- Mike heard J-Lo's "On the Floor" and had to get out there...he danced... it was so cute!

- Few more dances, then Mike, Debby, and i all got out there and danced

- Left club at 1:30
- Fell asleep to the Royal Wedding... got as far as Kate getting in the car?

- Up at 9 or so to get ready to pack, shower, major skin exfoliation for me
- Ran into Airic and Debby as they yelled my name in the debarkation of ship
- Mike paid for the parking and I treated him to lunch at Fridays
- At Mike's we relaxed and fell asleep on couch to Idol
- Watched it twice since we both missed the singing episode
- Left about 7:30 to come home
- Told my parents about trip and showed them pics... yes... showed them pics of Mike... they didn't say anything... I think my mom knows we are dating... and if she does, good!
- Sis was a bitch telling me how I'm a Stupid Idiot for not using suntan, which is not the truth
- Sis has been a bitch all week from what I understand... she has some "issues" right now
- Heard about my parent's week... I got some tix really cheap for a Cirque Du Soleil show that I sent them to... they had a WONDERFUL time and thanked me profusely
- Burned photos of trip for Mike
- Home and bed at 1:15am Saturday


fan of casey said...

Mike: Sounds like you had a fun time. You are getting OM to come out of his shyer shell, and he makes you want to explore and experience life even more, so that reinforcing of each other is so important in a relationship.

I gotta believe with you sharing these photos of him with your parents that they have to suspect you are more than friends. Whether they want to respect your privacy or are enforcing their own home version of DADT, who knows? The main thing is you make each other happy.

fan of casey said...

Mike: One other thing, that picture of the huge Mexican flag and pole -- looks fake in passing but up close after I clicked on the picture, is real. Amazing!

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