Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Constantly questioning
I am not sure if I'm right
and all bears down on me.

- a haiku by Mike

So applicable to my life.


fan of casey said...

Mike: If you change course (whether career or life goals), won't that also lead to a lot of questioning whether this new path is right or the old path was best or something else undiscovered lies waiting for you?

The point is you will never know for certain what the future holds, you gotta deal with facts and expectations at your disposal now and make an informed decision. Over the short term it doesn't feel like things will change once you decide, but trust me, look back 5, 10, 20 years from now, you will have many opportunities to make changes, some of your own free will, others from circumstances beyond your control. That's just the nature of time passing.

While we all harbor some doubts in the back of our minds, you never struck me as someone who is indecisive. So why now?

B said...

You know I can relate to that too :-) Good advice, fan of casey.