Friday, May 20, 2011

Why walk at graduation?

I blogged several weeks back that my sister I graduate on the same time on the same day at two different colleges. I was so thankful for the advice all of you gave to walk and to invite my boyfriend. He said he would be happy to go and would love to. Turns out the conference he has been telling me about for work is also at the same time and we didn't realize that until tonight. This conference is where the anybody and everybody he is in contact with throughout the year attends. We just happened to be texting back and forth when he asked when it was. I ran to the bathroom and cried. I was really saddened. I thought it was so cool that he was going to go- a guy that I am in a relationship with cares enough to sit 2 hours in the hot sun to watch me... ME! I officially felt alone. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin 1, cousin 2, and cousin 3 are all going to my sister's. I thought about how I will be alone. My mom told me Linda will step in, and for that I am grateful. Still... I'm sad. My want to walk suddenly faded again when Mike and I realized this. My friends at school were anxious to meet him. He says we will celebrate when he gets back and he wants pics while I'm there, so that he will get- it just won't be the same. But I will walk because I know I'll regret it otherwise... I'll put on a smile and that'll be it.


fan of casey said...

Mike: I can imagine how disappointed you feel about this. My mother missed my high school graduation because she had to work but others stepped in her place.

Graduation is for YOU, you got this masters because of your achievements, because it's going to help you succeed in life. You didn't do it for others, you did this for yourself, so you don't need others to validate your accomplishments. Sure, it would be nice for family to be there, but you have others to cheer you on. Don't think of it as a hollow celebration, because it's not. Be proud of yourself.

Aek said...


That sucks. Such frustrating conflicts do happen, but it sounds like he really wanted to go. Graduation is for you. You'll be there with other friends who're graduating, and then you can go to your bf and your family afterwards and they will still be happy for you and with you. Is the same as if they were there? No, but it's still worth it.

Anonymous said...
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