Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hustle and Bustle

- Met Mike at 4:30 after work
- We went to Happy Hour at TGI Fridays. I needed it. Thursday felt like Friday making it an extra long week. The electric lemonade pepped me up and refreshed me.
- Talked about commuting, traffic, and dumb people who commute 100+ miles a day and have a worn down BMW.
- Went to Best Buy to look at iPad accessories and he made me jealous
- Went to PetCo and realized that Mike lost his invisalign retainers, so he just started a new pack
- Bumped his new iPod playlists which included soft hits like this:

- Back to his house where we watched Idol. Still on a Scotty love affair. His voice is unique and different than what is out in country right now. His version of Montgomery Gentry was awesome. He is "in it to win it!" Random LOL's with Mike about "in it to win it"

So here's my Idol predictions... fingers crossed... America did right voting Jacob home last week.
Haley is voted off this next week. I just don't like her, or her personality. She should have gone home weeks ago.
The final 3 are James, Lauren, and Scotty. I predict James will win. My vote would be for Scotty or Lauren, however. Lauren has the southern charm and can cook. Scotty is really shining. I love his facial expressions. James is alright- I don't see him having radio hits that I would listen to because I think he'd go heavily into that whole rock thing, but he has the unique look and appeal to girls that works for him. His singing is so-so, and as witnessed with his version of "Without You" this week he has a tendency to get too emotional and has the emotional appeal for people that makes him popular.

- I didn't sleep well. It was not a restful sleep and I slept very lightly- woke up many times.
- Woke up and fooled around
- Mike made an egg, cheese, and salsa frittata with bread
- Watched 2nd part of Idol... thank goodness Jacob is gone!
- Went to Oak Glen to see what goes on there when it is not apple season. Shared my memories of going there with my family as a kid. Spent maybe 30 minutes there and just walked around. There wasn't much.
- Talked about evangelical churches like Saddleback in the OC and I explained the Harvest Crusade
- Stopped at Gourmet Pizza Shop in Redlands, which was really disappointing. Mike and I both talked about how flavorless it was, the sauce on both of our pizzas were awful, and we both only ate a slice of our pizza. I had been there twice probably 7-8 years ago and it wasn't bad- maybe my taste buds had changed- or maybe the quality has declined. He blamed me for a bad choice.
- Stopped for Mike to get coffee, Marshalls, and Joann Fabrics... I may be making Mike curtains... woo! Show off my sewing skills because I am on a quest to be "more gay than I already am"
- Back to his place for some pasta and more TV
- Off to Old Navy and Michaels
- Went to steakhouse we went to a few weeks back for new appetizers that were pretty good- bruschetta, delicious crab cakes, and oysters. The souffle was to die for.
- Drove home in the convertible rocking out to Adele and our favorite song

- Talked about Mother's Day, gifts for our moms, work, how I don't get paid during the summer, etc.
- Back at his place we watched a movie on Netflix called "The People I Slept With," which was ok
- Bed about 11
- I fell asleep about 11:30 after my sleeping pill knocked me out... I didn't get a goodnight kiss

- Up at 7:30 and headed home to see mom

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fan of casey said...

Mike: Where did you learn how to sew? Do you have your own sewing machine or are you using your mom's?