Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My bed is where it is happening

I hate how I may be gone for a few days or a week and come home to find my room has been taken over. See, I have a pretty sweet setup. I have a 46'' TV and my parents have a 22'' TV in their bedroom. I have a big cushy California King mattress and my parents don't. My sister likes to watch TV in my parents room and well, they don't. So on nights when I'm not home and my parents are the only one home it is not unusual for me to come home and find my bed has been used. My dad will come in and watch TV. He will often eat and leave a candy bar wrapper, plate, or empty coke bottle. Um. Thanks. And thanks for the crumbs? Um. I would appreciate it if you would wash my sheets.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Umm, what if your parents did more than just watch TV or eat snacks in your bed? Ewwwww!

Mind Of Mine said...

Woah! I could not take that invasion of privacy!

Aek said...

o_O . . . that's a bit odd.