Saturday, May 21, 2011

Desert food and shopping trip

I didn't work yesterday, so here was what happened:

- Mike had to return his rental car, so I met him at the airport
- He ran up to the car, stuck his head in, and scared me as I was playing AirTycoon on my iPhone
- Mentioned I was hungry and TGI Fridays or Yardhouse sounded good
- He suggested Lucille's
- It was a big meat fest... I had ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. I wasn't planning that and he made fun of me for that
- We loooked up the history of Lucille's, who owned it, and mused over the signs in the restaurant
- Had to stop by my cousin's house to give her tickets to my sister's graduation. Mike stayed in the car even though I invited him in
- Get back to his place and switch cars to his convertible
- I get to look up movie times on his iPad and we decide on "I Am"
- Stop at the Cabazon Outlets where I get a course in good luggage and we get iPad cases at Tumi. He tells me why I must have a Tumi case and I was sooooooooo close to getting a Tumi laptop bag that was a sexy bright orange
- He wouldn't let me get these bronze Vans casual slip ons because no guy should have glittery/flashy shoes like that. He was adamant that I didn't, but they were unique. I could have worn brown and black with them. I was a little disappointed. LOL. I told him he just has a lot of hate for fun shoes like the green that I needed last weekend
- We go to the seafood place out in Palm Desert we like called Pacifica, but there were TONS of people there
- He said we were going to go to Fishermans instead
- We get there in the niche of time as there were 2 open tables - it got so crowded as we were leaving
- We had the mushrooms, which were so-so, garlic bread, 2 tacos y 2 cervezas
- Stop at Ross where I convince him to get 2 pairs of shoes and I get 1 slip on brown pair that I could actually tell would look good with jeans. I'm a bad influence because I let him buy shoes.
- We see "I Am," a documentary from the guy behind Jim Carey and Bruce Almighty movies. It brought up some interesting points like in Darwin's books he talks about the need for connection/unity and the part that is emphasized is survival of the fittest... made me want to go read it and check it out... sorta. Mike talked about how his coworkers/salespeople are all geared toward survival of the fittest and they're such slimes
- On the way home we discuss disturbing songs from The Band Perry as they were playing on XM Radio. Here's what we heard. The last few lines of "You Lie" is disturbing and then what is not disturbing about their song "If I Die Young?"

- Drive back to his place to watch Oprah's Most Memorable Guests, then go through Wednesday and Thursday's Idol in about 30 minutes. He didn't want to hear Scotty sing, was over Lauren, and didn't like Haley. I am glad the 2 country singers are the top 2, which is very surprising and I did not predict. I thought James would have been one of the last as I said before. I am guessing Lauren is the next American Idol.
- Played around a little
- Bed at 12:30

- Woke up at 7:30
- Showered
- He packed for his week of business trips
- I entertained the cats
- We talked about our preparations for the end of the world as we know it tonight.

Off to the casino now to see my cousin with the family.


fan of casey said...

Mike: I have two Tumi bags -- one a briefcase and the other a messenger bag and they are great. You can find a few pieces at Nordstrom Rack usually or at their outlet stores.

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