Friday, May 27, 2011

Made her work

My mom was out with Linda last night and my dad had graduation supervising duties. I had a pleasant evening. I told my sister I was going to cook dinner and she didn't say "no," like usual. I saw chicken in the fridge, so the plan was barbecue chicken and cheesy rice orzo. The barbecue chicken was delish. Jack Daniels BBQ sauce can do no wrong. My sister ate 2 pieces. I was impressed as she will only usually eat 1. I think that was a complement to me ;-).

After dinner I went in her bedroom- earlier in the day I told her to wash her car. She didn't, even though the weather was perfect. I went in her room as I said after dinner and told her to "WASH THE DAMN CAR." I left the room and went out to vacuum mine. Soon she came out to her damn car. She hosed it down and started washing. I told her it had to be waxed also because it needed it. I told her what to do and put her to work. I worked at buffing out the scratches from her accident and did a pretty good job I think. After, I got back to work on my car, washed, and then dried it. I told her that her car was a mess on the inside and that she had to vacuum it. She said she didn't know how. NO JOKE. I pulled the car in the garage and told her this was a vacuum, this was the hose, use that on your seats and the floor. Then I told her that she needed to use Windex to clean the interior windows. And you know what? She did everything I asked and didn't complain. And now I'm content.


Anonymous said...

Curious.. why do you care if she cleans her car?

And I am amazed that she actually did something you said.


Mike said...

Someone was bound to get after her. My mom was about to. I can occasionally get her to do something.

fan of casey said...

Mike: She has a new respect for you if she listened to you without her usual back talk. Perhaps because you fed her well?

Aek said...

Lol, you sound vindicated. :-P

Anonymous said...
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