Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching up on TiVo

Crazy couple of days...

- Home with the family
- Fell asleep at 3am due to severe anxiety
- 5am the wind starts howling
- Up at 7:47 when the mechanic calls to tell us my mom's car was ready. We took her car to get the tires rotated.
- Went to JCPenney and the mall with my mom
- Visited the bank as I had to handle an issue. I was billed 14 times for the Queen Mary tour last week on my ATM card, which left only $41.44 in my bank account. The money will be put back in by the end of tomorrow.
- Went to Mike's about 2:30
- He was laying on couch pretending to sleep when I walked in and then after a few minutes said "boo!"
- We both laid and tried to fall asleep on the couch as we caught up on all things TiVo like Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters
- Went to Fresh and Easy about 5 to get stuff for dinner... found avocados, fish, and lots of veggies
- Talked about telling my family about the trip and how they now want to go
- Mike made some delicious guacamole and for an easterner makes some pretty credible guacamole
- And what goes great with guac like margaritas? I had 2, thanks.
- More TiVo while he dozed on the couch. I couldn't sleep. I had such anxiety.
- Watch Reese Witherspoon's "Just Like Heaven"... um... it was ok
- Mike made salad for dinner with some parmesan bread we got at Fresh and Easy
- Watched the awful Brady Bunch Goes to Washington on TiVo
- Bed
- Anxiety still high... took a melatonin and it helped

- Slept all night and it was soooooooooooooooooooo welcome
- Woke up to Mike holding me, flipped over and got the hint
- Played around a little
- Showered
- Mike made fun of me for being so red, peeling so badly, and my scaly skin. I got a really severe sunburn on my chest and face on the trip.
-Mike made eggs with salsa and bread
- After breakfast Mike cut the grass
- I watched House Hunters and Sell It and a few other HGTV shows
- I dozed on the couch... I was exhausted
- Mike watched Cougar Town on TiVo
- Give Mike my memory card to upload the pics of the cruise
- Mike talked about wanting an iPad, looked on Best Buy's website, then he said let's go for a drive
- We go to BB and get an old iPad... omg... it is sexy and I must have one... maybe for a grad gift?
- Go to Big Lots for a case for it
- Back to Mike's where he lets me unwrap it and set it up. He hooks it to the computer
- Watch the Sunday night shows like Real Housewives of the OC, The Judds, Oprah's 25
- Mike makes bread, fish, zucchini in salsa, and oven fries for dinner... soooooooo good!
- We start Celeb Apprentice, but I leave as my mom was wanting me home so she could explain everything for the week for me
- Oh... and I saw on his iPad that Osama was dead... it was like "oh... that's nice"


fan of casey said...

Mike: So why the high anxiety?

Also, why is it that you got sunburnt but OM didn't?

fan of casey said...

Mike: Please check your email, I sent you a note.

Mind Of Mine said...

Yes, I was also wondering if why you where so anxious.

I have a question for FOC as well, do you have your own blog? I have seen you comment on a lot of blogs, made me curious.