Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How big is your music collection? Let the music play!

I know that I download/buy more music than I would have with CDs thanks to iTunes. My music collection has 2,582 songs as of today, which are a collection of about 700 songs The Guy gave me, lots that I downloaded legally, and lots off of CDs that I own.

I am amused by the statistics. The 2,582 songs breaks down into 6.6 days of music, and 13.59 gigs. Who has actually sat and listened to all of their music from start to stop?

The 13.59 gigs makes me mad that I cannot have all of my music at my fingertips on my phone. I mistakenly bought the 16 gig iPhone. Lesson learned.

It is a mix of 390 oldies songs, 906 pop songs (anything that isn't oldies or country and includes current pop hits), and 535 country songs, and 551 songs from The Guy that we did not have in common. There are also a few musicals/soundtracks like RENT, Grease, Garden State, and Spring Awakening.

I have 2 television shows downloaded that are an additional 2 gigs.

Who knew we would ever have so much media on our computers and at our fingertips? These little things amuse me.

I know The Guy has well over 10,000 songs in his iTunes collection.

Mike has just about the same amount as I do.

Even my mom has close to 900 songs on her iTunes!

Do you listen to everything that you have? I tend to not. I hate the iTunes DJ only playing the same 25 songs over and over. I have tried the genius mixes and those are somewhat better.


fan of casey said...

Mike: I would estimate that I have about 40 CDs' worth of songs on my iTunes, so approximately 400 songs. Almost all were imported from physical CDs. I have probably another 100-120 CDs that I never imported into iTunes. Some days I'll mindlessly listen to music and on others I prefer the sound of silence or the birds singing outside my window. Just depends on the mood I'm in.

fan of casey said...

Mike: Hey! Blogger erased my original comment with their ongoing maintenance/update problems. And this time I just don't feel like repeating myself.

Aek said...

Wow . . . that's A LOT. I've nowhere near that much, lol. And as a result, I do listen to most of the stuff I have. :-P

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