Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally got an answer

I ran into my aunt and uncle on my dad's side twice this past week at the mall in my city. They don't even live in this city. They like our mall better than theirs. The topic of my grandma came up, and what was going on with her. We had been told by the lawyer my grandma's body was at a morgue. We had been told by my aunt in Oklahoma my grandma's body was at the morgue or mortuary. There was also some time we didn't know where the body was and my aunt was lying. My uncle mentioned again these past 2 times we saw him how he would be more than willing to pay for a funeral and would talk to our lawyer/my aunt in Nor Cal. My uncle did some investigating this weekend since his son has connections when it comes to this sort of stuff. My uncle's son found out my grandma was not at the morgue. My uncle and his son did a little more investigating. The conversation my uncle relayed is very annoying as to what happened when he called the morgue/funeral home this morning. Basically they said the body was not there, and there was no cemetery involved. My uncle asked what that meant, and my grandma was cremated several weeks ago and nobody knew. She also didn't want to be cremated. I don't know how I feel about that- it certainly wasn't my grandma's wishes, and we were left out in the dark as to what was happening. My aunt had the power- she could do what she wanted. Now I get to relay the message to my aunt in Oklahoma and my family :-(


Aek said...

Wow, that's just horrible. Isn't there any legal action you can take against your aunt?

Anonymous said...

Did no one get a copy of the death certificate?
Your Dad can order one.
Death certificates clearly state the disposition.. either burial or cremation.
Might be good to get one.