Friday, March 9, 2012


I am just getting in from the bar with my coworker. Love Tagalong. Realized Tagalong was my mistake - it was before I realized a lot of things that have recently come to light. She is simply an amazing woman- and I have such respect for her after all she has done. She is great. We had such a fun time talking family, kids, husbands, gay guys, shopping and more. At 9:30 we were liquor store hunting, at 10 we settled in our other coworker's room to guzzle down a couple bottles of wine, at 12 when she fell asleep we figured we should eat. We walked a few streets, met a cabbie who took us to the only place open, a bar with food. 1 sapphire and tonic later, 3 kamikaze shots, and a pink something or other she gave me we made it back to the hotel- and feeling just fine. Not tipsy even. We spaced it out. We're pros. At 4:00a.m. now we are just getting in.

Love it!!!

Oh, and last night was pretty good too talking about work and sipping down a bottle of wine.


Aek said...

Mmm, wine. I'm coming to like wine more and more, haha. Still not great a shopping/picking out wines. Any suggestions? Particularly types of wines and brands to pair with, say, a steak?

fan of casey said...

You didn't have to work on Friday so you could stay up all night Thursday?

dan said...

dang man, way to party it up all night long! ha. :)

Mike said...

@ Aek: Red wines like chianti and chardonnay, zinfandel, and cabernet sauvignon are good with steak.