Sunday, March 11, 2012

Out on the town

I've been away all week at a conference for work- The conference was actually very informative and worth going. I was with Tagalong, the other ELD teacher, and the ELD coordinator. SO MUCH FUN.

Tuesday- arrive at conference, dinner at ritzy fish restaurant, then hunt down a liquor store for a bottle of wine. Enjoy bottle of wine while talking about work, anything and everything. Tagalong opens up about her life, which was pretty crazy. She's a strong woman. Bed about 3:30-4a.m.

Wednesdayy- Up at 7:30, breakfast, meet a few new friends in the lobby- people also at the conference. Decide on conferences to attend, then off for the day. Lunch at mediterranean place. More conferences. Dinner at Thai place. Get a bottle of wine and head to hotel to drink in other ELD teacher's room. Chat about anything and everything until 1a.m.

Thursday- Busy day, breakfast at pancake restaurant, conferences all day, met up with group for dinner at Mexican place. And the rest,Well, you read about it here!

I am just getting in from the bar with my coworker. Love Tagalong. Realized Tagalong was my mistake - it was before I realized a lot of things that have recently come to light. She is simply an amazing woman- and I have such respect for her after all she has done. She is great. We had such a fun time talking family, kids, husbands, gay guys, shopping and more. At 9:30 we were liquor store hunting, at 10 we settled in our other coworker's room to guzzle down a couple bottles of wine, at 12 when she fell asleep we figured we should eat. We walked a few streets, met a cabbie who took us to the only place open, a bar with food. 1 sapphire and tonic later, 3 kamikaze shots, and a pink something or other she gave me we made it back to the hotel- and feeling just fine. Not tipsy even. We spaced it out. We're pros. At 4:00a.m. now we are just getting in.

Love it!!!

Friday - Up at 8, shower, head out for the day's conferences. Starbucks for breakfast. Lunch at Starbucks too. King crab, scallops, and shrimp for dinner. Go to Macys to shop for the club. 2 margaritas at dinner, 2 glasses of wine at the hotel, then dressed up and sexy to go to the club. She gets checked out as we are going to the club. We go to the club that seemed to be happening every night, the mermaid club, then after there was nothing going on and the drinks weren't strong, we head to the place next store. Drink 2 more jack and cokes, then dance with Tagalong to some of these songs and some rap stuff:

The song has a new meaning.

Saturday - UP at 8:00, meet 8:30 in hotel for Starbucks. Conference. Lunch at hotel. Icky lunch. Good dessert, though. Head to hotel. Exchange notes/debrief about conference/email admin. Discuss this week's conferences. "Drive the plane" home with my gal Tagalong, bumping these jamz:

Head home to see my boyfriend and grab pizza with him for dinner. He cleans and I mop the floor.

SUNDAY- Up around 10- needed sleep. Took him to the airport and head out to meet my cousin with the familia and her boyfriend.

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fan of casey said...

Now this all makes sense, altho I don't know how you stayed awake during the conference up late and drinking. Must have done a lot of head nods.