Friday, March 2, 2012

Any mechanic inclined readers?

Hey guys!

Anyone have an idea what a transmission fluid replacement might cost? This was the other service my service man at my usual repair shop recommended.

What do you think about having the fuel injectors cleaned?

I have a coupon from a dealer who has a special running- of course I don't know how much of a special it is, but it sounds good considering it is their 60k service and that's what my car just passed.

For $299.95 you get the following:
- 1 day complementary rental car
- drain and refill transmission fluid
- drain and refill coolant

- lubricate hinges etc.
Inspect, adjust, or top off the following:
- brakes, rotors,
- road test
- power steering fluid
- brake fluid
- engine coolant
- wiper blades
- windshield washer fluid
- belts and hoses
- all lights
- tire wear
- tire air pressure
- battery cables and terminals
= exhaust system
- shock absorber system
- spark plug wires
- oil, oil filter, air filter
- spark plugs

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D. said...

A quart of transmission fluid costs anywhere from 5-9 bucks and most transmissions hold only a few quarts. And the things you listed would only be "inspected, adjusted, or topped off", which comes at a very minimal cost to the dealer. Also, you could check all of those yourself, except for the brakes and some belts.

When I got my license, I read all three of my family's car manuals from front to back. You'd be surprised by how much valuable information those contain (they even tell you how to do some simple maintenance by yourself!)

That being said, if $300 isn't a huge sum to you, go for it. But if you're willing to get your hands a little dirty, check the manual for what types of fluids you need and get them from your local Kragen autoparts shop.