Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Stressful day at work due to my scheduled absences over the next 2 weeks and prepping sub plans. It was 5 before I left work. Mike made us pasta for dinner.

Another awful day due to issues with students, schedule changes, and projects being due. It was nearly 7 before I got out. Met Mike for food. Chatted with my parents about all the issues. Worked in the office with Mike as I prepped for my sub.

Up at 5:45 with Mike to meet my mom near the freeway so she could give me a couple things I needed that I ordered online that I needed for my classes. Chatted with her on cell phone after on the rest of the way to work about all of the issues at school.

I'm sure you can guess what kind of day it was at work as there was a major shortage of subs, projects being due, and prepping for my absences.

Out of work about 4:30. Watch random TV with Mike before we think about heading to dinner. It was between Mexican happy hour, buffet, and then a random Italian place I had a groupon for that we'd never been to. We decided on the groupon restaurant where we ordered a nice bottle of wine, crab cakes, and chicken marsala for me. It was pretty tasty. There was an obnoxiously loud Jersey woman behind us who was talking so loud, had so many issues with her food, it was comical, yet took away from the ambience. It did allow us to chat with fellow diners who were amazed at how loud she was. We were joking around with them, yet she was oblivious.

Head home for some cookies and relaxation.

Up at 6:30 for home visits for my students. I was the translator for the team. I only visited one of my student's houses. Good time, though.

Home at 1. Chatted with my dad about all of the new issues at work. Grr.

Headed out to PSprings with Mike to go to a casino for concert tickets for my parents and gambling. He won $286 accidentally on a dollar machine- of course he didn't know he was playing dollars and had dropped $100. In and out like that. We stopped in PDesert at BananaRepub, then looked at several restaurants for dinner. Everywhere was so crowded, and such older couples. We decided on Fisherman's, which was delicious and the tacos hit the spot. Sooooo good- and we didn't have to wait for a table.

Star gaze as we head home in the convertible, but stop at the outlets first where I pick up some pants, as does he.

Fool around in the evening after he liquors me up with some whipped cream vodka flavored libation.

Here we are, Sunday, up at 7, been sitting around all morning on the phone with the airline's dealing with his ticket issue. Went to the pet store, dropped off clothes at Goodwill bin. Watched Ina and I made a pound cake with much assistance from someone who didn't think I knew my way around the kitchen and someone made an unhealthy stir fry.

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