Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday night TV Ramblings

Desperate Housewives
- Sad it is ending. I really disliked tonight's episode. Mike was one of my favorites. The episode was bad in my opinion just because it was so different from the typical Desperate Housewives show. There were flashbacks to childhood, which while it tied the story together seemed completely out of place and gave the show a different feel. There were also too many stories going on and the first flashback when Mike was suddenly alive and in the room at rehab with Carlos and Gabrielle threw me for a loop.

I want to like that show. Kristen Chenowith is fun, and I had no clue the sexy David James Elliott is in it. We got to see his sexy chest on multiple occasions. Plausible? Not so much. That's hard for me to take. Cute? Sure... cute lines... I want to like it, though.

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Mind Of Mine said...

I liked the episode for what it was but I hated how they re-wrote history.

Lynette already had the baby and had returned to work when they first moved into the house, in fact, she had just found out she was pregnant again. - The house was also blue.

Carlos was not like that when him and Gabby first got married.

I love the flashback episodes though, I love the one, where the handyman dies and all the girls realize how much he has helped them.

Same with Edie's death.