Monday, March 12, 2012

Responses to your questions

What is the meaning of life according to Mike?
- To be successful, have incredible relationships, be productive, and make a difference in the world.

Mike, I am curious as to why
you haven't moved in with your
bf? You seem to be back and
forth a lot between your parents'
house and the bf.
- We have yet to have the moving in conversation. I have sufficient supplies of shoes and clothes at his house in his closet. I do want to wait until I'm stable and know if I'm going to be rehired next year.

Are you happy with your current sex life?
- Yes, in that I love and care for Mike. I love that he is a great friend and boyfriend. I love to please him in bed and hear him moan.
- No, in that I can always use more sex.

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now but not sure I am or other reader are aware of how you and Mike met. Maybe you can explain? Also have you ever told your readers of your coming out?
Here's the blog post where I first mention Mike - I had to do some searching.

This is the first coming out story I have. I don't remember when exactly I came out to my dad, but it was in a car. I came out to my mom in March 2010- you can read the archives from that time. I still won't discuss in full details what happened on here, but it was a tense time.

Where do you see yourself 5, 10, 20 years from now?
- Had you asked me prior to meeting Mike I would have said in a house I bought, looking for a guy. Now, it is much different. I see myself moving in with Mike, maybe in the same area, maybe not. I see myself still teaching hopefully the same class I am teaching now.
- In 10 years from now I see myself moving into administration or maybe working for the program that I teach. Traveling the world.
- In 20 years from now I see myself in administration... wow... I'll be in my 40s. I see myself with a nice house with Mike, a sports car and SUV, thinking about retirement and hopefully moving to wine country. Maybe a regular vacation spot in Puerto Vallarta?

Do you think that you are enough open to the outside world, people that are not directly in your near environment ?
- I do. A lot of friends are educators, a lot are still going to school, but I have tons of friends/acquaintances/contacts. I'm open to others ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. I know i have a naive nature to myself, but it is a part of me. I love hearing other perspectives.

Do you see yourself (in the near future) being "out" to your students and the school community as a whole? Is this even a realistic possibility when where you work? As an out young man, you'd be a fantastic role model for your students, gay or otherwise.
- As if I'm not already?! LOL. Awkward moments in class. I don't want to be- at least not until I have more experience under my belt. It is possible at the school that i'm at, but I would prefer not to be because of the difficulties with students, parents, etc. I would be 1 out teacher out to all- out of 8 on the campus. Students are suspecting now. Grrr. I guess time will tell...


SCalRF said...

I like your 'meaning of life.' I strive for the same.

fan of casey said...

Mike: I thought you live to shop? Especially shoes and clothes. Maybe that's included in being successful. :-)

Aek said...

Oh I forgot to ask my questions! And now I'm not sure what to ask, haha.