Thursday, March 1, 2012

What do you say?

Who would announce they have AIDS over Facebook? One of my acquaintances that I have mentioned on my blog did so the other day, as did his former hookup. It was random and there was no real reason for it, except one of them is raising money for a foundation to find a cure. Do you say "congrats, I'm glad you're raising money?" I don't know - it just struck me as weird to come out and say that. I guess it also struck me since these are the first 2 people I know with this. It also struck me because it's online and for the whole world to see...

The status message said "I am happy to have AIDS and raise money for ____ AIDS Foundation."

The hookup said: "New insurance won't cover my hookup meds, I have AIDS"

Do you like that? WTF?


fan of casey said...

Mike: At least they are not in denial. I don't think a "happy tone" is the right way to go but perhaps you should read it more like a positive attitude. Still, it is sad and so avoidable.

Just be supportive.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore it. You can't judge or help. Denial is bliss. Give them money if you can. They will need your support. Just plain sad.

Aek said...

You could not "Like" it or not write a comment. It's kinda awkward, I agree.

Also, there's a difference between being HIV+ and AIDS. Just saying.

Mike said...

@ foc: it is hard when I despise the acquaintance so much.

@ anonymous: You're absolutely right!

@ Aek: It was funny to see one of them had 4 likes, and that was the hookup.