Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break soon, please?!


Let's see...

Admin all got pink slipped and chances are mine is at the post office right now

Admin getting pink-slipped sort of set the tone around campus

Lockdown Tuesday afternoon due to local pharmacy being robbed - lasted 60 minutes after school was supposed to be out

Lockdown this afternoon due to a guy with a gun outside of the school that lasted until 5p.m.

Open house last night

6:30 meeting this morning - our usual Thursday thing

Had to present at the staff meeting this morning- lots of preparation for that - plus after being at school until 9:30 last night made it tough to get up

Getting back this week after my awful sub last week was hard - my room was a mess - the sub was awful, made some kids cry, didn't have others do work, not sure what went on...

Prepping for being out all next week for training... 5 days of sub plans... ick... it takes forever to write them

And I will probably have an observation tomorrow... eek! My kids are all at different points in the lesson I need to teach due to the bad sub last week - wrote that in my plans so principal would know

Oh, and I got a new class to teach this week - more planning, more grading, more kids, ick


fan of casey said...

Mike: That is a lot to overcome but you can do it, just work with a prioritized plan and finish one item after another. Good luck.

Aek said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of work! Take things one step at a time and don't forget to breathe. You'll make things work, I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

It's days and weeks like this that TGIF has real meaning. In my system, pink slips were handed out by the principal. One, many years ago, also gave a pink carnation. Some thought it funny, others resented it. When you get a slip, you tend to lose enthusiasm for the job, and just want the year to end. I experienced this several times over 30+ years.