Monday, March 19, 2012

Travel bug

I want to go on a European cruise that stops in Rome/sets sail from there. I also want to go on one that stops in Barcelona.

I'm feeling a great need to go to Spain.

I want to go back to Puerto Vallarta.

I want to explore Barcelona in depth and do it at my own pace, though.

I want to go to Rome and explore the Vatican.

I want to visit DFW.

I've been watching airfares very closely...


Anonymous said...

Now is the time to go. Unemployed doesn't last long for teachers.

Buddy Bear said...

I was in Spain in March two years ago. I've never seen so many insanely hot young men! Cycling seemed to be extremely popular there so many of these hotties were wearing spandex cycling shorts .... fantastic!!

Mind Of Mine said...

Do it! I plan on getting spain out of the way!

T rom Dublin said...

Spain and Barcelona is just amazing, but you should also stop in Ireland :)

dan said...

DFW? ha ha. :)
definitely BARCELONA!!!!!
hi Mikey!