Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week of trainings

AWFUL WEEK OF TRAININGS FOR WORK. I guess the nice thing was I had good company and equally pessimistic people to amuse me.

Monday- Learned about the F word. Mike and his parents got back late Monday night and I made some pasta for us all.

Tuesday - Allergy shots. My dad had a mini health scare Tuesday night while I was at home. I'm really worried about my dad.

Wednesday - Boring day of trainings. Dropped my car off at repair shop down the street from the training. Mike texted me asking if I wanted to go to LA with his parents to see a TV taping- sure- sounded good. Mike and his parents picked me up from school so we could go... awww. it was cute. We got there just a tad too late, but enjoyed our time prior drinking some margaritas at El Torito. Went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory where we had a couple appetizers that weren't half bad and a cheesecake. We did have some more wine.

Thursday - Mike took me to my training since I had no car. He went to go get his braces put on. Got my car back that afternoon and met him and his parents at home. We went out to PS. We stopped in to see Mike's coworker, whom we ended up going to dinner with. We went to the Mexican place on the main drag where we had a couple margaritas and his dad socialized with all around, went to the street fest in Palm Springs and bought a few things, then went to Fishermans for beer and tacos, a restaurant/nightclub with an interesting crowd where we heard all about his dad's idol, his coworker's family, and talked work. There was also some dancing and lots of interesting people to look at. We ended the night by dropping his coworker off and going to the gay club WITH HIS PARENTS. His parents were so cool about it- they didn't say anything- I'd never been. There was an older crowd. His dad chatted up a group of guys and his mom, Mike, and myself just sat at the bar talking. We head back home after - its about 10:30ish.

Friday - More training. I'm done with the training early in the afternoon and I go home to visit with the family before going back to visit Mike and family. We watch TV and then head to the steakhouse we like for dinner. It was cold. We sat on the patio and his dad got cranky fast, and that sort of soured the night. Mike was so tired of his dad we dropped them at home while he said we were going to the store. The store was Chilis. We had a margarita and he bitched about his dad, I listened, offered my 2 cents, and told how my dad is a lot alike. We did go to the store since we said we were, and so we had to come home with something. We came home with stuff so we could make pancakes in the morning.

Saturday - Mike made pancakes after we were up and showered. We sat around a few hours, watched the Nascar race, and went to Sams with his mom. We got back home and cleaned his car so his parents had a clean car to go to a friend's house for dinner. They left about 5 and we took off too. We went to the Italian place at the mall where I found my new favorite drink - cinnamon whiskey with coke. Walked around the mall after, grocery store, and then home. We watched TV on the couch. He kept yelling and hitting me to wake up, yet I was mostly awake. He's the one who fell asleep about 5 minutes before his parents got home at 9:40 and I was talking to them. We went to bed about 10:30

Sunday - Up about 8, showered, and then I was a little tired as we sat on the couch. Mike did make food for breakfast and we watched more racing on TV. Went to PS again with his parents. Actually, we went to our favorite seafood place with his parents where his dad had a strong margarita with a lot of tequila. He was very happy and social, which allowed us to enjoy the calamari and walk through the mall. We went down the street to an Italian place that was super cheap, super busy, and super delicious. Sat at the bar and we each had 2 drinks to go with our meal. Chatted about lots of random stuff. We head toward the storm and back in the car toward home. We arrive, have some ice cream and cookies, then relax. We watch "Bridesmaids" with his parents. Pretty funny. We head to bed about 11.

Monday - Home about 8:30 since Mike had to go for a physical. I left as he did, everyone else was still in bed. Hanging out with my dad today. Joy.

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